Yogi's Basket Break
Creator(s) GeneralCacti
Date added December 18, 2011
Duration 1:26
Status Complete
Voices GeneralCacti (Yogi)
Type/genre Crossover
Show connection Lesson Zero

Yogi's Basket Break is a short animation created by GeneralCacti. The animation is set within Yogi's universe in Jellystone Park where he prepares to steal a picnic basket before being stopped by Fluttershy.

The animations starts with a introduction segment themed around the original The Yogi Bear Show title cards, this leads us to Jellystone Park where Yogi hiding inside some bushes sets his plans to get a near-by picnic basket left own its own, Yogi then proceeds to head towards the picnic basket in his own unique sneaky fashion.

However when Yogi gets to the picnic basket and starts looking at it dramatically, Fluttershy comes from behind, grabs Yogi's head and snaps his neck causing him to fall to the ground. Fluttershy then stares dramatically at the camera with a evil look to her face which quickly changes as Yogi gets up unharmed thanking Fluttershy for the massage and hugs her afterwards.

The voice of Yogi in this animation was done by GeneralCacti himself.

The face Fluttershy makes after snapping Yogi's neck is a reference to the character Light from the anime Death Note. The scene also includes a song from Death Note's soundtrack.

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