Wubcake's OC, Mezma.
Other names Wubcake, WubcakeVA
Known as Voice Actress
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Wubcake is an American voice actress, artist and singer. She voices a variety of characters in brony fan labor, most notable as her role for Sunset Shimmer as well as Painset Shimmercakes in TheInvertedShadow's "Elements of Insanity" taking the role once Puccagarukiss moved on.

Most of her content is Equestria Girls based including comic dubs, covers, parodies, fandubs and audio roleplays/ASMR. Though, she spends more of her time voice acting for other YouTube channels and fandoms as of late.

She expresses great interest in joining the professional world of voice over.

Voice Work

Published Title Voice Creator
2018-10-08 Doors 3: The Finale Twilight Sparkle Yaasho
2018-09-29 MLP Season 8 In a Nutshell Ep. 22: "What Lies Beneath" Tree of Harmony Round Trip
2018-07-27 A Somber Meeting (Animatic) Twilight Sparkle Harmony Studios
2018-06-24 Top 10 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Songs ft. Wubcake Narrator MsMojo
2018-10-12 "Marginalia" [MLP Fanfic Reading (Grimdark)] Nightmare GutiuSerenade
2018-11-30 My Little Pony: Scootertrix the Abridged: Episode 25 Sombra Scootertrix Studios

VA Skype Calls

VA Skype Calls
Status Ended
Voices Various
Type/genre Comedy

VA Skype Calls were a series of videos which she and her fellow collaborators would pick roles and improvise stories or scenes in character. Though many of these have been deleted from her channel as of 2018, they can be found archived on various YouTube channels.

Selection of Music

Published Title Length Notes
2018-11-22 The Other Side (Cover) 2:18 Original by Kazumi Evans
2018-11-22 Better Than Ever (Cover) 1:34 Original by Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
2018-10-05 Silva Hound and Wubcake - DazzleVision 3:43 Main Vocalist
2018-04-11 Open Up Your Eyes (174UDSI Remix ft Wubcake) 4:48 Main Vocalist


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