War of Harmony IV
War of Harmony CTS v1
Splash art at Title menu
Creator(s) Marshal Ruffy
Art Esloon Imagery (Marshal Ruffy)
Music Som3thing UX
Date published July 21st, 2014
Type of game RPG
Platform/engine PC Windows
Part of War of Harmony
Based on MLP FiM

The War of Harmony IV was developed/built on the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.

Music from: Som3thing UX music solutions.

Artwork by Esloon Imagery .


An old school RPG that has the player fight in classic side view turn based combat, along with a unique conversation system makes this game feel alive.

Although Fourth in the series of War of Harmony games, it is meant to be played first to set the mood and atmosphere of the remaining games yet to be released.


Began on December 22nd 2012.

Example of a Change Log - LINK

First DEMO release on May 12th 2013 via Equestria Gaming. LINK

First Half released on November 15th 2013. LINK

Completion and official release on July 21st 2014. LINK

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  • JRPG Style.
  • Built using the RPG Maker VX Ace.
  • A multi branching conversational system or a karma system which effect how the other characters react and respond to you throughout the game.
  • Not one tileset used during creation of the game.
  • Hand crafted enviroments.
  • Custom built sprites made specifically for this game.
  • An original story that was converted into an MLP FiM fan game.
  • A huge and epic story that the player can unfold how they wish!
  • 4+ hours of gameplay material for each playthrough.
  • Visit Cannon locations from the TV show and NEW and ORIGINAL areas free to explore.


Taking place after the events of War of Harmony III, the fourth installment follows Rarity and Pinkie Pie as they search the unfriendly Everfree Forest for their missing friends during the aftermath of the war, tensions run high, tempers flare, and secrets revealed.


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  1. Tumblr receptions: - LINK
  2. (Outdated build) Equestria Gaming review of the first half - LINK
  3. Youtube receptions: LINK, LINK
  4. Translating to other languages
  • (Currently Chinese is the only other language other than English).

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