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Wander's OC by Mash Gamer Y Joystick
Other names WanderingPonyVA
Elijah Carroll
Kistune Labs
Active since January 14, 2014
Known as Musician
Voice actor

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Wander, also known as WanderingPonyVA or Ariathebrony, is an American musician, voice actor, and aspiring sound engineer. While he started out singing covers of brony songs, he has since moved on to making original songs.

When it comes to voice acting, Wander does dramatic readings of fan fictions and creepypastas on his YouTube channel, as well as voice reels. He has also released one audio skit which, since the playlist it is in on Soundcloud is titled "Season One", it seems that he intends to do more.

Wander also roleplays on PonySquare.

Genre and style

Wander's style has varied from song to song. His original songs were electronic, ranging from genres such as chiptune, psybient, and techno. However, his most recent pony-related pieces are classical compositions. He has cited fellow musicians Tsyolin, Makkon, and Baschfire as large influences on his style. He has also stated Navron as an influence on an ambient style of music that he wishes to continue producing

Wander's Original Character

Wander's OC, also named Wander, is a traveling musician and licensed medical doctor. He is a representative of the Peace Corps. He plays violin, as well as piano. He also has a "Doctor" ranking in the Peace Corps. He is incredibly anti-war, wanting to end the conflict between the Solar Empire and New Lunar Republic.

The Undesirables

The Undesirables
Creator(s) Wander
Voices Wander
Type/genre Audio drama
The Undesirables is Wander's first audio skit. The whole thing was written and voiced by Wander. The story takes the form of a recording left by a pony who committed suicide. The stallion, Night Light, explains that his daughter, while on a field trip to a Canterlot lab with her class that Night Light was chaperoning, accidentally caused an explosion that killed a scientist who was working in the lab. During the aftermath of the explosion, Night Light sees that his daughter has gotten her cutie mark, which is a bomb. A few weeks later, the royal guard show up and take away Night Light's daughter, presumably to a prison-like place. In the closing lines of the skit, Night Light pleads that somepony "stand up for the undesirables".

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
February 28, 2015 Ad A Clarior Futura 3:20 Orchestral Metal Instrumental
March 14, 2015 Back From The Depths Of Hell 3:31 Classical Second track in "My Little RPG: The Themes", based off of Tirek


Wander's favorite pony is Princess Celestia, and his favorite instrument is the organ.

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