Vinyl the Vampire
Vinyl the Vampire cover

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Writer(s) Bronyman 1995
Date published July 14, 2012
Words 1,304 (+402 in the Bonus Short)
Status Complete
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring Vinyl Scratch

Vinyl the Vampire is a one-shot written by Bronyman 1995. It is the first fanfic he has ever written of any kind. The story pokes fun at the idea of Vinyl being a vampire, as well as vampire stories in general.


The story is written in the third person from the view of the readers, similar to Mythbuckers, Just like in Mythbuckers, the readers "view" the story from a broadcast coming a camera.


The story begins with a pony who introduces himself as Story Book. He begins the play by narrating the events of Vinyl being bitten by a vampire. Vinyl it seems was completely unaware of what the play was going to be about. She then proceeds to question the different parts of the script, such as what time she was bitten and by whom. Story Book explains that she was bitten last week by a vampire named Lestat. He then explains the side-effects of vampirism: Vinyl will live forever and has nigh impenetrable skin. Vinyl somehow is disheartened by this since she was hoping to get body-piercings

Story Book then does Octavia's part. She, it seems, is now a werewolf and will turn into one every month at full moon. Octavia and Vinyl are not all too enthusiastic about their roles. Story Book then comes to a part in his narrative about how Vinyl may redeem her soul by confessing to a priest and having a stake thrust through her heart (thus killing her). This is the last straw in the patience of the two mares and Vinyl angrily shakes (literally) the rest of the story out of Story Book.

Story Book tells the two angry ponies that he didn't even write this story and that they should just take it up with "the writer", so the two friends venture off-screen and out of sight. A few moments later "a nerdy-looking blue Pegasus with glasses, a brown mane and a camera cutie mark flies [past the] screen screaming “I’M SORRY! I JUST WROTE THIS AS A JOKE!!! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!!! I WANNA LIVE!!!!!"" Vinyl and Octavia, revealing themselves to be an actual vampire and werewolf respectively, chase him down seeking blood in compensation for their time. They accidentally knock over the camera as they blunder past, thus ending the "broadcast".


  • The story features a bonus story about the author's OC, Hasselblad Photo-Shoot, ordering a cup of coffee for his mother Photo Finish.

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