2014 Vanna's Ponysona Full-Body Sketch by Vannamelon
Other names Vanna M. Pareja
Known as Voice actress
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Vanna M. Pareja, also known as Vannamelon, is an American voice actress and singer who has starred in a number of original My Little Pony fan works, typically in the role of Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie. Much of her voice work includes audio dubs of fan-made MLP comics and fan fiction. Vanna also has a second YouTube channel on which she sings/covers various songs, typically from anime series.

Voice work

Comic dubs

Published Title Voice Creator
2012-01-25 Pinkie's BEST NIGHT..ever? Pinkie Pie SorcerusHorserus
2012-01-03 Commander Hot Stuff All voices CrimsonBugEye
2012-02-13 One Pony 3 (Five Levels of Drunk Fluttershy) Fluttershy JayNaylor
2012-03-05 Cider Squeezy Director's Cut Most voices CrimsonBugEye
2012-05-06 To the MOOON! Princess Celestia CrimsonBugEye
2012-05-27 Garden Party Petrified Statue Pony PumpkinHipHop
2012-05-30 Chimicherrychangas Rainbow Dash theX-plotion
2012-06-15 Mane 6 reads Cupcakes Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
2012-06-18 A Cutie Mark?! Applejack
2013-07-29 A Princess Predictions All voices DocWario
2013-11-03 Cupcakes (Alternate Ending) All voices
2013-11-21 One SERIOUS Problem.. All voices RedApropos
2014-06-07 MEGA LUNA Princess Luna
Princess Celestia
2014-12-26 Hats, Riddles, Rocks, Maud Most voices FouDubulbe

Fan fiction dubs

Published Title Voice Creator
2011-11-07 Cupcakes mDialog-warning-custom.svg All voices Sergeant Sprinkles
2012-01-04 Rocket to Insanity mDialog-warning-custom.svg All voices Scherzo
2012-03-13 (The Harvest) Cupcakes Ending mDialog-warning-custom.svg All voices Sergeant Sprinkles
2012-03-21 Hotblooded Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie UC77
2013-07-22 Rainbow Factory mDialog-warning-custom.svg Scootaloo
Rainbow Dash
Aurora Dawn
Other voices

Other works

Published Title Voice Creator
2011-12-29 FlutterMedic - TF2 Soundpack Voice Practice Fluttershy
2013-07-26 Ponies visit Omegle - Fluttershy with Bronies Fluttershy
2013-12-24 Ponies visit Omegle - Pinkie Pie as Santa! Pinkie Pie
2014-06-24 Ponies visit Omegle - Fluttershy finds Ponies Fluttershy
2014-10-27 Cupcakes - The Animation mDialog-warning-custom.svg All voices Sergeant Sprinkles
2014-11-08 Fluttershy plays Five Nights at Freddy's Fluttershy
2015-02-27 Fluttershy plays Sonic the Hedgehog Omochao Edition Fluttershy
2015-03-05 Fluttershy plays Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Fluttershy
2015-03-19 Fluttershy plays Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Fluttershy
2015-04-20 Fluttershy plays Can Your Pet? Fluttershy
2015-05-01 Fluttershy plays Goat Simulator Fluttershy
2015-06-07 Fluttershy plays I am Bread Fluttershy

Selection of music

Published Title Length Notes
2012-05-21 "Friend like Me" - Pinkie's Cover 2:22 Original from Disney's Aladdin
2013-11-19 Hey Kermit! - Pinkie Barbershop A Capella 2:14
2014-08-29 "Prince Ali" - Pinkie Covers 2:49 Original from Disney's Aladdin
2014-10-22 Love is a Yummy S'more! - Pinkie Covers 2:29 Original from Disney's Frozen
2015-01-25 "The Real Pink Pony" - Pinkie Covers 4:27 Original by Eminem


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