Hi, I would just like to say that I have started work on my next FanFic, Mermaid Reef! It will be a sequel to Legend of the Heart Amulet, my first FanFic! 

Mermaid Reef
Writer(s) Palkiajack
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Adventure
Featuring Trixie, Ariel (OC)
Part of Legend of the Heart Amulet series

Basically, Trixie embarks on a quest to find the Enchanted Diamond.

If you haven't already, read this, the first book in the series:

Sneek Peek (Slightly Edited and a Fan Wiki Exclusive!)

I return home late at night. I head home, tuck myself in to my now cold bed and fall asleep. The next morning, I awake and leave my bed. I have determined my next course of action; to locate the Enchanted Diamond. I still do not know much about it. I head to the library to dig up some information on it. I learn that it is hidden deep in the sea, in a area known as Mermaid Reef. The book tells me that the reef is about half a mile off-shore from Pinkoteague's beach. When I leave the library, it is around noon. I go and get a bite to eat then head to the beach. On my way, I see the enterance to the labrynth of caves underneath the island. Heading down is another group of explorers trying to find the Heart Amulet. Of course, they will be un-successful. I arive at the beach, and waiting for me just beyond where the sand meets the water is a familiar creature... Ariel the seapony.

Authors Note

I hope you guys are as exited as I am for when its finally done! Also, I hope you enjoy it and would like some feedback on this sneek peek.

Happy Reading,

The Great and Powerful Palkiajack

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