Alright so first of all, spoilers. Secondly, I have a few qustions about the whole thing. I know this story is kind of old; nevertheless, I just finished reading the whole story by AuroraDawn. These questions will be asked about the both stories and not just for Rainbow Factory for those who didn't read Pegasus Device. First I will place all my questions below and then my interpretations. If anypony does not have exact answers, that I may have glossed over or that you all heard from the author, then I will be grateful to read your interpretations as well. Alright, here we go:


1. So how did Scootaloo/Absentia get down there and chained up in the first place? Who put her there and why?

2. In chapter 3 of Pegasus Device, Gentle asked Rainbow Dash about "The Incident" so Rainbow proceeds to tell her about her Rainbow killing Scootaloo (at least she thought she did). Rainbow Dash ends up telling her this "To so selflessly defend everyone I ever loved or stood up for.... It was never repaid to me. Not ever. Sure, my friends would be nice and helpful and supportive, but when it came time to put myself before them, suddenly they were busy or I wasn’t worth it.” What does everypony think is the purpose of Rainbow saying this?

3. What is to be of Cloud and Corona at the end of Pegasus Device?

4. At the end of the story it states "There was only one ghost that mattered to her, and she could not bring herself to ever let it fade into myth." What ghost is she speaking about?

5. So at the end of the story Rainbow Dash removes the tarp off the Pegasus Device and mutters the lyrics “In the Rainbow Factory...” she giggled, standing back in admiration. “... Where not a single soul gets through...” obviously the lyrics to the original song created before the fanfic. What was the point of this scene?

6. What happened to the rest of the workers in the factory? Failuers and non-failures.

-My Interpretations[2]

1. Well, I think that Dr. Atmosphere put her down there after giving her enough medical attention to keep her alive. Towards the end Hide goes up to Dash and says something along the lines of don't you think that's one death too many. He also said he let the factory fall. My thoughts is that he kept Scootaloo alive because he knew an uprising like this was bound to happen, he just didn't know when. So finally when it happened he did not do anything to stop the failures.

2. This was honestly the part I was most angry about. It seemed like such a big thing in the story and it just shoved to the side. My best guess is that after a while of working at the Factory it made Rainbow selfish even outside of the factory. But honestly I just draw a blank when thinking about this.

3. The epilogue made it seem like Cloud will continue being haunted by what unfolded in the factory and Corona was also changed because the factory made her indifferent because in the factory she had to change alot so now life outside the factory just too real to enjoy. But honestly I feel like that part was left alone for interpretation.

4. After re-reading the ending just now I noticed she refers to the Pegasus Device as ghost so that was probably it.

5. I have no clue about this. I don't really know what tosay about this ending. I guess it is just showing how proud she is of the Pegasus Device and what it the factory achieved with her loyalty. Maybe, in reference to calling it a ghost, she is saying the Pegasus Device will live on even though it will no longer be in use.

6. I'm guessing they all died at the end, but perhaps they were allowed to leave and forever haunted/changed by the events that unfolded. The song states "Where not a single soul gets through" so even though they physically leave the factory their soul has been taken by the factory, so maybe this is why Rainbow is so proud that the end of the story too.

But yea any thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you!

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