Hello there agian it's me Magic Mage as my friends call me. so anyways i just was lisening to the gypsy bard and i decoded it to figure out pinkie pie's (Friendship is Witchcraft) child hood.

When you're rife with devastation There's a simple explanation: You're a toymaker's creation

Pinkie Pie as Tin Pony from MLP FiM twwon by kristinad121
Trapped inside a crystal ball

And whichever way he tilts it Know that we must be resilient We won't let them break our spirits As we sing this silly song
When I was a little filly, a galloping blaze overtook my city So they shipped me off to the orphanage. Said, "ditch those roots if you wanna fit in" So I dug one thousand holes and cut a rug with orphan foals Memories are blurred, and their faces are obscured, but I still, know the words to this song
When you've bungled all your bangles And your loved ones have been mangled Listen to the jingle jangle Of my gypsy tambourine

'Cause these chords are hypnotizing And the whole world's harmonizing So please children stop your crying And just sing along with me

Lyrics decoded:

when i was a little filly my city was engulfed in flames and my family dead, i was sent to orphanage and had to forgot my old life if i wanted to fit in with my fellow orphans. i then dug a thousand holes for those who died in the fire, and fought with orphan foals.

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