Having been a Brony for about two years, I have been thinking about joining to write my own fanfiction.

Plot summery: it involves North Korea invading Equestria (or America since I still have this in my head) and they form an alliance with Chrysalis and her Changling army to acheive their goals. 

To get to Equestria, they have a gem that when heated at a certain degree transpot a person or other man-made objects into the MLP: Friendship is Magic universe. 

For the North Korean armies transport to cities in Equestria, they steal the designs for the Nazi Zeppelin "Deus ex Machina" from the Japanese anime Hellsing; I mean they stole Godzilla for their propaganda film Pulgasari (1985).

My Equestria invasion plot = take out the Crystal heart and replace it with the crystal Emblem of North Korea to weaken Equestria so the North Korean army can attack Equestria and steal the Unicorns for their magic to make an invinsible army.

Invading America plot = use the Zeppelin to transport to Equestria and transpot into the United States (based off the fact that the cities in Equestria are based off cities in America) and attack NYC and Washington DC (while a smaller Zeppelin from the anime) and have the American Communist Party take over the United States.

Don't worry, I am not pro-Communism because I'll have the Mane Six (this would be an unicorn Twilight, not her Princess status since in my headcannon for this story) help defeat North Korea and reunite the Korean people under the South Korean Government.

If anyone wants to help sort out my idea's of which setting I shoud do, please reply and help me get a membership on

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