As said in the title, I'm making a MLP crossover with another popular franchise, Star Wars. There, you will be expecting many fight scenes, along with lightsaber duels as a bonus in it. The main protagonist of the story will be my own character, Sky Light (adoptive son of Princess Celestia, in my series, thus a prince). He has some similarities with Anakin Skywalker, though except, his eyes are green instead of blue. He has an inner conflict within him with his aggressive emotions: anger, hatred, rage, etc. The last chapter of the story, close to the second half of it, the rating will change to mature - as there'll be a lot of people that dies in it. Also, I'll have some sort of point of view at "Order 66" in the third prequel film of my version, where it's seen through the hero-turned-antagonist as he raids the Temple on Coruscant, which was something we didn't get to see much of in the actual movie. And for the final moments of him, expect something rather dark scene (though, knowing it's really like Skywalker's final moments, but no "spoilers" for that for now).

I know I said too much for the last chapter, but hey, it's what people want isn't it? A heads-up for what's to come, right? I thought that I would post a blog here so that people can know what my new/first story on FIMfiction is, so that's why I said that above this section of mine. Hope that's okay with you.

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