The fanfiction I'm writing is about the Mane 6 along with Spike, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch and Lyra, forming a rock band that rises to the hight of fame, only to break up. The main influance will be The Beatles (my favorite rock band).

Below is a basic outline for the story, tell me what ya guys think!

The Band and It's members

Twilight Sparkle would be like John Lennon, in that she's the main creative force behind the group.

Applejack would be like Bob Dylan, in that the songs she writes are usally country-flavored or talking about everyday life in everyday terms

Fluttershy would be like George Harrison and John Lennon, in that she's very calm and quiet, and usally writes songs with spiritual undertones (George). And many of her songs are deeply personal (John).

Rainbow Dash would be like John Lennon and Freddie Mercury in the fact that she would be the most flambouant of the group (NOTE: I personally don't write Rainbow Dash as lesbian, in my story's she's straight, so remember that) and that's she's very loud and in-your-face about her views

Rarity is like Paul McCartney in that she's very much a people person, and is in charge of the band's image (like Brain Epstien, the manigar of the Beatles)

Pinkie Pie is like Weird Al in that she has a massive sense of humor that flows through her work.

Spike is like Ringo, doesn't write that many songs, but is always a welcome presense in the group, usally (along with Pinkie, serves as a piece maker in the group)

And these three would fill the various roles need for running a band:

Octavia is like George Martin and Brian Epistein, in the fact that she has already had experiance in the music biz, and she knows how to write classical music and to arrange music and she's their manager.

Vinyl Scratch is like Phil Spector in that she is VERY in-your-face about everything and is the most experimental of the group. She also serves as the sound engineer.

Lyra is their road manager and co-producer along with Octavia and Vinyl

On the Music

Now there's a group of brony's that go by the name BeatleBrony (here's theirYouTube page and Bandcamp). Now what they do is take Beatles' songs and then ponyize the lyrics so it fits into the MLP universe, below are four examples:

Derpy's Iron Anvil (Maxwell's Silver Hammer)

Rarity (Yesterday)

The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle (The Ballad of John and Yoko)

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (set to Lyra and Bon-Bon)

Now, what I was wondering, do I take these and the various other songs they've done, and mention them as songs the band writes (along with other one's I've come up with myself) or do I write all the songs myself? (Note: I'll admit, I'm not much of a poet.) Help me out guys, I'm in a fix.

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