Hello! I'm FlutterDash! This blog post is quite obviously my first, so I decided to share a sketch with everyone. Unlike about 90% of people who do this, I have just about no art programs on my computer, so I tend to draw everything by hand. I only have a sharpie, pencil, smooth surface, computer paper, and ipad ((I admit I was using a tutorial, but I still had a few things I had to change from the tutorial to get it to be right) And it also gave me a reference to what Pinkie Pie actually looks like while doing her famous hop/walk.), and a scanner to get this to the web. I call myself fairly decent for what I can do, but I am always ready to learn from my mistakes.

Pinkie Pie Draw

I've only shared this with one other person before now, as he's the only one I know of who watches the show.

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