Twilight Sparkle and the Alicorn's Stone
Twilight Sparkle and the Alicorn's Stone

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Writer(s) Jabborwocky1994
Date published September 17, 2012
Words 14,732
Status Complete
Type/genre Romance
Alternative Universe
Featuring Spike
Mane 6
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Twilight Sparkle and the Alicorn's Stone is a fan-fic by Jabborwocky1994 but published by his older brother Bronyman1995's accounts. The story is a parody of the Harry Potter franchise, specifically Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Recently [specify], Bronyman1995 and Jabborwocky1994 announced they had plans to re-write the fan-fic so that they could parody all eight Harry Potter films. An exact release date is not known at this time.


Jabborwocky1994 said the story was written in the style of Michael Roseman's Simon Bloom and the Gravity Keeper.

He stated the character of Amanda Joyce was loosley based on Jenny from Big Fish and Queen Elizabeth from The King's Speech and that the goth chick is a parody of Kristen Stewart.


Twilight Sparkle is a student under Princess Celestia who runs Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Filly's. When Celestia hears news that Discord is looking for one called the Half-Blood Princess, Celestia assigns the Mane 6, Spike and Trixie to go find the Alicorn's Stone, a mystical object that may be able to defeat the evil Discord. However when trying to escape some attackers, Twilight accidently teleports them to Earth. Now they must find a way to get home, as well as stop Discord before he finds the Alicorn's Stone.


Zecora - Discord's zebra assistant.

Spike - Twilight's assistant who turns out to be a spy for Discord.

Trixie - A spy for Celestia who had an affiar with Twilight's father before he was wed to Twilight's mother.

Wilfred Jones - A human tour guide who encounters the ponies when the crash on Earth.

Kyle Harris - Wilfred's best friend.

Michael Benson - Husband of Lily Benson who, with Lily, is being toured through England by Wilfred.

Lily Benspn - Wife of Michael Benson

Amanda Joyce - Wilfred's childhood friend who's secretly in love with him.

Grace Joyce - The daughter of Amanda.

Laurie Francis - A student at a town universty.

Mrs. Austin - A teacher at the town universty.

Roland Jones - A police officer who, with Jerald King, is tasked with hunting the ponies down.

Jerald King - Roland Jones' best friend.

Victor Aarons - The police commisoner.

Judy Crane - A hotel clerk.


The fanfic's reviews were mixed to positive. The author himself stated that characters appear and disappear throughout the story and apologized and stated he wished he could have done all eight films. Tnuyum of gave the story a postive review. LazyLazyDanTheLurker stated "good concept. Needs work." But so far, none of the reviews have been negative.


  • Originally, the fanfic was called Twilight Sparkle and the Deathly Swallows. Then, commentors began poiting out the title sound like a sexual innuedo, giving the impression that the story was clopfic. Wisely, the author changed the name.
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