Twilight Sparkle's Epic Hill Ride
Twilight Sparkle's Epic Hill Ride
The game's cover-art on Equestria Daily
Programming futzi01
Art Druid14
Double Rainboom
Music ChillTwilightSparkle = Blaze
Date published September 8, 2012
Type of game 2-D Infinite Obstacle Course Survival
Platform/engine Adobe Flash
Featuring Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle's Epic Hill Ride is 2-D infinite obstacle course survival game by futzi01 featuring art Druid14, BonesWolbach, Double Rainboom, PhantomBadger, Shho13, C=H=Loboguerrero=C, blingingjak, DDDHyuugaman, 90Sigma, Acer=Rubrum, and Uber6; as well as music by ChillTwilightSparkle = Blaze. Sound effect were taken from InfinityDash, the usiversalsoundbank, and Soundjax; as well as sounds being taken directly from the show. It features Twilight Sparkle riding the slopes of a mountain on her snowboard.


The goal of Twilight Sparkle's Epic Hill Ride is to help Twilight Sparkle get as far down the mountain a possible without crashing into anything. During Twilight's journey there are a number of sights to see such as Rainbow Dash performing a sonic rainboom, Pinkie Pie flying through the air with balloons tied to her back, or Princess Celestia just flying. When Twilight gets hit by something, the game is over. The player’s score is then given based on how many meters Twilight managed to cover. A picture of Twilight covered in snow is shown each time.


As Twilight Sparkle races down the mountain, the player will have to use either the arrow keys or the 'WASD' keys to maneuver her around objects. The player can also make Twilight perform a jump by hitting the spacebar. Twilight's movements are not restricted while she is in the air. There are several different types of objects and enemies Twilight will want to avoid. If she bumps into an object, lands on an object, hit's and object in mid-air, or an object lands on her, she flies off-screen due to the laws of conservation of motion and the player loses. At about 500m, the nuber of obstacles increases drastically.


Winter Sports Twilight by Killryde

Fanart by Killryde

Objects that can be jumped over

Other obstacles

  • Trees: Cannot be jumped over
  • Red Logs: Can be passed under



  • The game features an easter egg where if the player enters the Konami Code during gameplay, Twilight will swap her snowboard for a wheelchair. While in a wheelchair, Twilight Sparkle won't be able to jump, but can fire a laser beam from her horn to destroy objects instead. However, the beam must line up precisely, or the object won’t be destroyed. Also, the beam has a cooldown time of about a second. On another note, the beam can destroy multiple obstacles at once, and lingers for about half a second alowing the player to wave it around for a short time.
  • Twilight Sparkle's snowboard reads Twilightlicious. It is also adorned with her cutie mark.
  • The game does not actually calculate how many meters Twilight travels. The number is actually a timer that goes up by aproximately 10 units every second, and is merely represented by a meter symbol.

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