Tsyolin, also known as AJ The Engineer from his handles on YouTube and Soundcloud, is an American brony musician. He specializes in (synth-)orchestral remixes, which are frequently titled "Tsyolin Befriends <other musician>". In April 2012, he was a guest host on Everfree Radio, interviewing fellow musician d.notive.

Selection of musical pieces

Original song
2011-11-11Ovation of the Night5:10original by Tsyolin
2011-11-17Sharing is Caring3:05William Anderson:
You Got to Share, You Got to Care
2012-04-01Somewhere New2:24G3.5 song Somewhere Super Newcollaboration with Mic The Microphone and Veggie55
2012-04-01Back in the Day4:22The Living Tombstone et al.:
Good ol' Days and Smile Remix
2012-04-18Cerulean Blue5:41Replacer: Cerulean Bluecollaboration with d.notive and Veggie55
2012-05-04Indelible Ink4:27original by Tsyolin & SoGreatAndPowerfuljazz; collaboration with SoGreatAndPowerful

Friendship Symphony No. 1 in D Major

Friendship Symphony No. 1
Composition Daniel Ingram
Arrangement Tsyolin
Published November 28, 2011
Duration 19:49

Tsyolin's second-most popular work and also his longest (by far, as of April 30, 2012), this is a medley of orchestral remixes of all major Daniel Ingram songs for the show's first season, with the exception of the Cutie Mark Crusaders Song. In order:


Composition WoodenToaster
Arrangement Tsyolin
Published April 7, 2012
Duration 8:37

The most-viewed Tsyolin video on YouTube (at over 58,000 views as of April 30, 2012), this is a medley of symphonic arrangements for songs by Glaze/WoodenToaster. Start times in the Medley and links to the originals are as follows:


On March 13, 2014, Tysolin released his final song, What You Need/Come Back To Me, which was a massive collaboration between himself, BlackGryph0n, Feather, Veggie55, Ponyvisation, and Kyoga. In the description, Tysolin said that he would be retiring from pony music. He has only released one video since then, a scrapped orchestral project that was in the same styled of Friendship Symphony No. 1 In D Major. It was an orchestral medley of songs from season 2 of the show.

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