Transformers Prime: Ponies in Disguise, is a story wirtten by RavageXeno, it a is a crossover between Transformers Prime and MLP:FIM in this story the Cybertronains take on pony form.

Transformers Prime: Ponies in Disguise
Writer(s) RavageXeno
Date published Dec, 8th, 2012
Words 8,645
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Crossover, Alternate Universe
Featuring Mane 6, OC
Based on Transformers Prime
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After being captured by the Decepticons, Starscream is given another chance at being allowed in the Decepticons. That is, if he can survive a trip with a new prototype machine created by Soundwave called the Trans-Dimensional Warp cannon. Which transports him to Equestria, now all he has to do is return home. I mean come on, what could possibly go wrong. It's only Starscream


Starscream: Given a second chance by Megatron Starscream willign tests out a dimensional rift portal device built by Soundwav he is sent through the portal and his body is turned into a pony form.

Soundwave: the one who built the portal device, he lost his minicons minus Laserbeak during the war, which is his reason for being silent.

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