Transformers Beast Hunters: Magic of the Predacons
Beast hunters

The sotry's cover art on FIMFiction

Writer(s) Metroid Prime
Date published March 2, 2013
Words 4,141
Status Incomplete (Cancelled)
Type/genre Tragedy
Featuring Spike
Mane 6
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Princess Luna
Queen Chrysalis
Part of Metroid 100's Transformers Prime Series
Based on Transformers Prime Beast Hunters
Related to Transformers Prime: Magic of the Dinobots
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Transformers Beast Hunters: Magic of the Predacons is a story written by Metroid Prime. It is a direct sequel to Transformers Prime: Magic of the Dinobots.

The Story takes place immedeity after its predecessor, it begins on Cybertron and will eventually transiton to Earth.


The story is divided into Arcs it will sport a darker tone then its past story, a warning found in the titel page cite "Warning pony character Deaths in this story" indicating that secondary or main character ponies will die.

Arc Plots

Arc 1 Plot

The ponies have been stripped from Equestria and are now on Cybertron. They are unfamiliar with the barren planets landscape, and what worse is that they landed in Kaon, near Shockwaves lab. Now the Ponies and Grimlock must navigate their way back to Iacon, the Autobot Capital. But Kaon holds surprises for the ponies, surprises that Grimlock has faced before.


The story begins with the two ships the Ark and the Driller coming out of the portal from the previus story and Grimlock grabbing all the ponies minus Cadnce and crashing on Cybertron. Twilight wakes up and behilds Cybertrons landscape, her friends find her and they wake up Grimlock who takes them to Kaon. Meanwhile the Autobots touch down on Iacon, the Autobot capital, and the princesess are intoduced to Alpha Trion. Grimlock explains his history as well as Kaons history to the ponies while walking through Shockwaves lab, they then encounter the Changlings locked in cells.


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