Through the Eyes of Another Pony
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The cover art on Equestria Daily.

Writer(s) CardsLafter
Date published August 18, 2011
Status Unfinished
Type/genre Human in Equestria
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Through the Eyes of Another Pony is a fan fiction by "CardsLafter", and is currently submitted on both Equestria Daily and FIMFiction. Chapter 14 is over 42,500 words long. It is currently only being updated and revised on FIMFiction.


Through the Eyes of Another Pony is written entirely in first-person, from the perspective of the protagonist.


The story follows the unassuming journey of a human turned pony, ripped from our universe and deposited within Equestria, specifically Ponyville. The protagonist, remaining nameless until bestowed with the pony moniker 'Firewall' is uniquely suited to adapt to this sudden change by virtue of being a brony, giving him an edge to relate to the inhabitants of Equestria with his insider knowledge.

Armed with his wit, charm, an unlimited pack of 'Mareboro' cigarettes, his smart phone with Internet connection, and fire-based unicorn abilities, Firewall sets out to find if, when, and how he can return home, and enjoy the world of ponies as a plus.

Unfortunately, Firewall quickly learns, with the assistance of the Mane Six and the Equestrian Diarchy that not only is he not the first human to have visited Equestria, but his very presence signals dark and dangerous portends for the peaceful world.



The narrator and protagonist of the story, Firewall is the human turned unicorn visiting Equestria.

Storm Wing

The Captain of the Sky Archons. A blind Pegasus with lightning based abilities and a stoic personality.

Azure Flora

Secondary enemy of Firewall, more of a misguided soul than a true villain. She still manages to look beautiful after 1000 years of Celestia's carcinogenic solar rays.


The only true match for Trollestia. She plays as comic relief.

Winter Sky

The First of the Sky Archons, thought to have sacrificed himself to stop the Nightmare a thousand years ago. She may still be alive.

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