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The Wonderbolts
Wonderbolts signing Larsurus.png
detail from a comic by Larsurus
Other names Wonder Bolts, Wonderbolts
Kind Pegasus

The Wonderbolts are a group of Pegasus ponies who appear occasionally in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. They perform aerial acrobatics, participate in sporting events, and in Secret of My Excess prove to have some military duties as well. Rainbow Dash has the aspirational goal of joining them. Their evil counterparts are the Shadowbolts, who only appear briefly in Friendship is Magic, part 2 of the show, but occasionally resurface as antagonists in fan labor.

Joining the team as a plot element

Rainbow Dash becoming a member is a common topic of fanfics and fan art centering around her. So is her having an accident while trying out for the squad: In the novella Friendship is Tragic, for instance, Rainbow loses her wings after challenging Spitfire to a race; the Wonderbolts are disbanded afterwards. In the fanfic Tales, she dies while trying to impress them.

Becoming a member is also frequently a goal for an adult Scootaloo. In fan art, at least, not being a Pegasus is not an impediment to being depicted in a Wonderbolt - or Shadowbolt - uniform. All members of the main cast are occasionally seen dressed in these uniforms, both with wings and without.[A 1][A 2]


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Echo Fleetfoot

Fleetfoot is a female Wonderbolt introduced in a background shot in The Best Night Ever. An Ask blog started up in November 2011, giving her the name "Echo". In this interpretation, which has dominated fan labor, Echo is blind but still capable of flying and keeping up with the other Wonderbolts thanks to her use of echolocation. When she was given the official name "Fleetfoot" in the episode Sweet and Elite, the blog's creator adapted and declared Fleetfoot to be Echo's last name.


Shadowbolts are frequently used in fan games, such as Canterlot Siege, as enemies. They are less commonly depicted in fan fiction, possibly since in the show they were a simple illusion created by Nightmare Moon. However, the story A Dark Sky portrays them as an actual group of aerial racers that rival the Wonderbolts, with each of the members having criminal, medical, or military history. The Shadowbolts of that story are OCs created by PoorYorick.


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Fan art examples

Expanding The Wonderbolts roster

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