The Vinyl Scratch Tapes
The Vinyl Tapes Cover

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Writer(s) Corey W. Williams
Date published June 18, 2011-January 26, 2013
Status Completed
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring Octavia
Vinyl Scratch
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes is a fan fiction written by Corey W. Williams. It is presented as the transcription of the first few broadcasts of Equestria's first radio talk show.


"The Vinyl Scratch Tapes" is written as a transcript of a radio broadcast, with all actions, sound effects, and extended silences noted in square brackets.

Plot summary

Season 1

The first two episodes consist of Vinyl Scratch (referred to as Vinyl by the characters but credited as DJ-p0n3 in the transcript) and Octavia interviewing a guest - Celestia in the first and Spitfire in the second - and Octavia's up-tight, proper attitude clashing with Vinyl's more relaxed, but nonetheless insane personality.

The third episode has Vinyl and Octavia attempting the first-ever call-in program, despite the rather small number of phones available in Equestria at the time (the studio's phone number is "4") along with Octavia beginning to open up a little more to her co-host.

Episode Four takes place on-location at a concert by Octavia's quartet and funded by Vinyl in protest of Prince Blueblood canceling Octavia's engagement at his theater.

Season 2

The first transcript of the second season of the Vinyl Scratch Tapes consists of Vinyl and Octavia making their return to the radio after a hiatus of dealing with the legal repercussions of the events of the concert that closed the first season and the two ponies moving in together. With no guests, they attempt another call-in program, with the highlights being a drunk Berry Punch, Spitfire causing a brief, a heated argument between the hosts about Octy's cooking and Vinyl's bad singing, and a hilarious round of insults, threats, and phone slamming from both Vinyl and Octavia when Prince Blueblood calls in. Once the Prince gets the two to let him stay on the line for more than three seconds, he announces that he is preparing to launch a radio program to rival The Vinyl Scratch. Vinyl and Octy are unimpressed.

Derivative works

An audio performance of the first episode has been made by MidnightMagicProductions. It can be found here.

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