The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine
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Writer(s) meme-asaurus

xXAngeLuciferXx (Comic Adap.)

Date published July 31, 2012
Words 126,760 (FIMFIction revision)
Status Cancelled
Type/genre Romance
Slice of Life
Alternate Universe
Featuring Dusk Shine
The Mane Five (Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie), Spike, Trixie, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Shining Armor, Mayor Mare
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Season 2
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The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine is a fan fiction written by meme-asaurus. The story takes place in the television series. But instead of Twilight Sparkle being born a mare, she is replaced by her gender-swapped counterpart, Dusk Shine.

The story then evolved into a comic series made by xXAngeLuciferXx, which has some changes to the original writing. The comic is currently in Chapter 2, while the Chapter 1 is now complete. Each page takes a week or more to be posed up.

The story has gained popularity and has grown its own mini fandom which comprises various artworks, groups, and story variants.

Plot summary

Twilight Sparkle was never born... as a mare, anyway. Instead, this story stars the young colt Dusk Shine, personal protégé of Celestia, asocial bookworm, and (unbeknownst to him) super-cute pretty boy.

When Celestia sends Dusk Shine to Ponyville, all he wants to do is prepare for Nightmare Moon's return. But when five certain mares each develop a massive crush on Dusk, he'll have more on his plate than Twilight ever did.


"Mio Amore, No Me Gusta"

The story starts out like the original series, except with a few major differences in the plot. Dusk Shine was rushing into the library and calls to Spike to tell him to find the book about 'The Mare in the Moon'. Concerned about how this will play out, Dusk Shine tells Spike to write a letter to the princess about the danger coming to Equestria. But the princess tells Dusk in her return letter that he should 'Get a life'.

Dusk Shine and Spike are then sent to Ponyville to check on the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration and also for Dusk to make new friends. Dusk feels that making friends is a waste of time but Spike tries to convince him to do so. They then meet Pinkie Pie for a few seconds until she takes off. Putting the weirdness aside, the first thing they check on is the food. The brothers then meet the farming earth pony, Applejack, who was seen bucking apples. When they introduce each other, the situation escalates into Dusk and Spike having to meet the entire Apple family. Not wanting to waste more time, Dusk tells them that they need to go but is forced to stay after seeing the sad face of Applebloom. After the Apple Family reunion, Dusk and Spike then check on weather. As if right on cue, a rainbow-maned pegasus, Rainbow Dash, crashes into Dusk. And due to the awkward landing, starts kicking him in the face. After Dusk mentions that he's from Canterlot, Rainbow talks about her dream of joining the Wonderbolts, but Dusk doesn't believe for a second that Rainbow has what it takes and challenges her to clear the skies in 10 seconds. She then clears the clouds and tries cleaning Dusks' mane, only to have it turn into a mess instead. Convinced that Dusk Shine is actually cool enough for even Rainbow Dash to hang with, she tells him so and then takes off. The next task is to check the decorations at town hall, which is where they meet Rarity, and Spike immediately falls in love with her. He then asks Dusk to be his wingpony, but Rarity becomes shocked by the mane style that Dusk has and then takes him and Spike to Carousel Boutique to get it fixed. When Dusk mentions his name, he was surprised to know that Rarity knew about him and thinks of him to be like a prince. She starts talking about her dreams about find her Prince Charming and she thinks that it is him. Before she could do anything else, Dusk made a break for it. With decorations out of the way, the last thing they need to check off is music. Dusk eyes were captivated by the beauty of the kind, but meek, Fluttershy. When Dusk tries to introduce himself, she is scared, at first, and instead focuses her attention to Spike who starts talking about his life to Fluttershy. They finally reach the Ponyville Library where instead of some peace and quiet; they get a surprise party from Pinkie Pie. Dusk Shine is then seen in his room with Pinkie Pie giving him a speech to get out of bed and take action. When they go to the celebration, it wasn't all what they were expecting. Nightmare Moon has risen once again, and to everypony's surprise, she tells them that Princess Celestia has fallen.

The rest of the chapter then plays out like the original episode, but Applejack goes and kicks Dusk in the face, Dusk realizes that Rarity looks drop dead gorgeous with her mane wet, and the scene where Nightmare Moon appears plays out a little longer. After the Elements have been crushed, Nightmare Moon uses her magic to make a bed and take off her armor for her and Dusk Shine to make love. But they are interrupted by the girls, which then lights a spark in Dusks' eyes, which lead to the idea that him and the girls were the Elements of Harmony all along. With Nightmare Moon defeated, Princess Celestia appears before them and tells that this was her plan from the beginning ever since she heard of Princess Luna's return. After the apologies were finally exchanged after thousands of years, the ponies threw a party to celebrate the defeat of Nightmare Moon. During the party, Dusk Shine explains that with his job done, he'll have to say goodbye to his new friends. Celestia then decrees that Dusk is to stay in Ponyville to learn more about the magic of friendship, which made everypony very happy. After this, Dusk walks up to the worried princess of the night, who apologized for trying to hurt his friends and having his way with him. They end the conversation with a kiss, which leaves Dusk Shine dumbfounded with his mouth open. Celestia then has a devious idea for a prank which ends the chapter on a mysterious note.

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Lesson 1 by xXAngeLuciferXx

Lesson 1 cover (Manga version)

Main Cast

  • Dusk Shine - Dusk Shines personality reflects that of his Female version up to the point that he thinks failing his teacher is the end of the world. He has trouble choosing between which of his friends will be his girlfriends, although he is attracted to Fluttershy the most.
  • Spike the Dragon - Spike retains the same bio as his canon self. From his crush on Rarity to the occasional bubble baths, he is jealous of Rarity's crush on Dusk Shine and Dusk treats Spike like a younger brother just like Twilight does.
  • Applejack - Applejack is honest and hardworking like her show self and like her friends harbors a huge crush on Dusk Shine. At one point the two kiss under the condition that Dusk never mentions the event. Unfortunately, Applejack accidentally spills the secret in a later chapter. In both the story and the comic, Applejacks sometimes acts like the tsundere.
  • Rainbow Dash - While Rainbow tends to be loyal, this one claims to have slept with other colts. Later in the story she has sex with Dusk Shine under the intoxication of poison joke. Unlike other popular fanfics this Rainbow Dash is not lesbian as stated by Dash when Gilda kisses her. She is considered the kamidere in the story.
  • Rarity - Rarity has the deepest desire for Dusk Shine out of all his friends. She sometimes wets her hair whenever he sees her because she knows it makes him greatly fawn over her whenever he sees her like that. Being the one who has the most feelings for Dusk she will tend to lash out at whoever flirts, kisses, or sleeps with Dusk Shine, giving her the position of yandere.
  • Fluttershy - Fluttershy is the first mare that Dusk develops feelings for and is at the top of his list so to say. Although she somewhat returns her feelings, she tries to reject him out of fear she will damage her friendship with Rarity. Although in later chapters she goes out on a date with Dusk.
  • Pinkie Pie - While just as cheerful as canon Pinkie, this one tends to break the fourth wall at a maximum. She acknowledges that she is in a fanfic to the point where she knows about the comment section. Pinkie even shares her mind and body with her famous, deranged subconscious personality Pinkamena, who when Pinkie is depressed will take over her body. It is revealed that the happy personality is in fact Suprise, Dusk's imaginary friend from his childhood. She took over Pinkamena's body when she was somehow blasted out of Dusk's mind and into Pie's via the Sonic Rainboom. Surprise took full control when she earned her Cutie mark and Pinkamena wanted nothing to do with her. Pinkie has the second deepest crush on Dusk next to Rarity.

Minor Characters

  • Trixie - While Trixie makes her appearance like her original, this one sees the error of her ways and wishes to learn from Dusk Shine and becomes his student to which he accepts. While staying in Ponyville, Trixie retains her boasting attitude and her use of the third person language.
  • Luna - After her reformation, Luna develops feelings for Dusk Shine and, at the end of chapter one, "thanks" him with a passionate kiss. Luna makes regular appearances through the story and refers to Dusk Shine as her Royal Boyfriend, much to Rarity's irritation. As of chapter 35 Luna reveled that she is pregnant with Dusk Shine's child.
  • Princess Celestia - Like Twilight Sparkle, Dusk Shine always looks up to her as a mentor and expresses pride in being her close and faithful student. The relationship, however, is a bit different since Dusk Shine is a stallion.
  • Shining Armor - Although the relationship is now "brother-to-brother", Shining Armor is still Captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard and the older sibling of Dusk Shine's family. He has not appeared yet in the series but was mentioned by name.

Differences between the show and fic

The story seems to have the same plot as in the show, but there have been changes to a lot of elements. Twilight Sparkle's gender is swapped with her counterpart, Dusk Shine. The characterization is slightly changed with certain ponies, like Pinkie Pie having dual personalities: her happy, party loving side and her violent and dark side (Pinkimena Diane Pie). The genre leans more towards a harem comedy. Unlike the show, Pinkie is aware of what and will happen within the story which results in massive amounts of her breaking the 4th wall.

Project Dusk Shine

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Project Dusk Shine Teaser


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The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine (Comic-dub) - Episode 1-0

The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine (Comic-dub) - Episode 1-0

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