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The L-Train is an Australian brony musician and one of the brony community's most prolific producers of metal and hard rock music. He is best known for his symphonic metal pieces and covers of other musicians' songs. The L-Train is also the lead singer and keyboardist for a progressive metal band called New Paradigm.

Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera

Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera
Creator(s) The L-Train
Composition The L-Train
Lyrics SkyBolt
Vocals Secret Metal
Anna Havránková
Published February 20, 2014
Duration 25:47
Type/genre Symphonic metal

Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera is The L-Train's musical metal masterpiece. As the name suggests, it is a symphonic metal opera that features the musical and vocal talents and collaborative efforts of numerous bronies from around the world.

The opera tells the story of the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon a thousand years before the start of the series, as told in the prologue of the first episode. It is told/sung from the perspectives of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and a "storyteller" who serves as a framing device for the story.

Selection of other songs

2012-04-14 A Symphonic Metal Tribute To My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 10:58 Symphonic metal
2012-09-06 Rainbow Dash's Theme (Epic Battle version) 3:09 Metal Cover of "Rainbow Dash's Theme" by MandoPony
2012-09-16 Pinkie Pie's Parasprite Polka (Melodica + Piano) 0:46 Melodica
2012-11-09 A Symphonic Metal Tribute To "A Canterlot Wedding" 7:08 Symphonic metal
2012-12-23 Cadence's Theme 1:07 Metal
2013-01-04 The Moon Rises (Epic metal version) 4:02 Metal Cover of "The Moon Rises" by Ponyphonic
2013-01-23 A Magic Duel 5:10 Metal
2013-02-05 Discord (Metal cover) 4:21 Symphonic metal Cover of "Discord (EuroChaos Mix)" by Eurobeat Brony
2013-03-15 Entrance of the Element of Magic 1:54 Symphonic metal Cover of Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle
2013-05-26 Who I Am (DrDycer cover) 6:22 Metal Cover of "Who I Am" by DrDycer
2013-06-02 Hot for Cheerilee 4:45 Metal/hard rock Based on "Love Me Cheerilee" by WoodenToaster and The Living Tombstone and "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen
2013-06-27 Rainbow Factory 4:10 Progressive metal Cover of "Rainbow Factory" by WoodenToaster
2013-07-07 Nightmare's Revenge 5:14 Progressive metal Song by The L-Train's progressive metal band New Paradigm
2013-11-10 Cerulean Blue (Replacer cover) 3:43 Metal Cover of "Cerulean Blue" by Replacer
2013-12-03 Cragadile Rock 3:14 Metal
2013-12-23 Fili-Second 2:50 Rock Parody of "Flash's Theme" by Queen
2013-12-29 Leaving Colours (The L-Train remix) 4:27 Metal/rock Cover of "Leaving Colours" by Feather PonyArtist
2014-01-25 Heroes Of The Sky 4:19 Symphonic metal
2014-03-17 Endless Mist Of Nightmares (The L-Train remix) 4:25 Metal Cover of "Endless Mist Of Nightmares" by GatoPaint and ShadowcatKirara
2014-05-02 Appleplosion 3:21 Metal/bluegrass

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