The Killer Rarityverse
Secret life of rarity cover by reporter derpy-d5enqd3

The cover art for the original story

Writer(s) BronyWriter
Date published July 24, 2012
Words 150,000
Status Complete
Type/genre Grimdark
Featuring Rarity
Twilight Sparkle
Sweetie Belle
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The Killer Rarityverse is a set of, currently, six stories about Rarity as a serial killer dating back to a self-defense murder in her foalhood.


The stories are all written in third person from the perspective of the ponies in question. The Secret Life of Rarity is told from Rarity's perspective, The Public Life of Sweetie Belle is told from Sweetie Belle's perspective, etc.


The story is about Rarity as a serial killer, a mentality brought about by a self-defense killing of three bullies when she was a filly. She becomes addicted to the power rush she gets when she holds another pony's life in her hooves.

Throughout the course of the story, she kills over 100 beings including, but certainly not limited to, Scootaloo's parents, Trixie, Gilda, the Diamond Dogs who kidnapped her, Flim and Flam, Iron Will, and a decent amount of OCs.

As the story continues and more ponies around her begin to find out, including Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Applejack, and even Princess Luna, she loses her grip on reality and she hates herself and what she does more and more. In the first third of the story, she only kills to protect those she loves, specifically those who hurt the other members of the Mane Six.

After Twilight and Sweetie Belle find out, Twilight contacts Princess Luna and the Elements attempt to cleanse Rarity with the Elements of Harmony, with Luna wielding Rarity's element. It works for around eighteen months, but after Flim and Flam almost take control of Sweet Apple Acres, Rarity eagerly goes back to being a serial killer

By the end she becomes much more indiscriminate with her kills, leading up to the point where she kills Iron Will in public and is caught by the royal guards. She is executed by lethal injection not long after her arrest.

Other stories

The Public Life of Sweetie Belle The first sequel. It deals with the fallout of The Secret Life of Rarity from Sweetie Belle's perspective over the course of about twenty years.

Broken Blossom The second sequel. It details the life of Sweetie Belle's daughter, Joyous Blossom, after the ending of The Public Life of Sweetie Belle over the course of ten years.

Ripples A series of one-shot vignettes detailing the effect that Rarity's murders have had on Equestria.

The Word is Fear An alternate ending to Broken Blossom detailing Blossom's slow descent into madness. Blossom soon begins following in her aunt's hoofsteps as a serial killer, and the story details her spree throughout Equestria, as well as Celestia's attempts to capture her.

A Shadow Hangs Overhead A currently incomplete, alternate story of The Secret Life of Rarity. It details the fallout after one of the three bullies that Rarity originally kills manages to escape the scene, and Rarity is caught in her first act of murder right away. 

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