The 7th Element
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Writer(s) thunderhawk7865
Date published April 3, 2012
Words 84,862 (FIMFiction)
90,670 (
Status Complete
Type/genre Romance
Part of The 7th Element trilogy
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The 7th Element is the first fanfic written by thunderhawk7865, and the first story of his 7th Element trilogy. It focuses on a human who is sent to Equestria, where he finds the love of his life. The story is edited by HenryAnthonyCourtler.


The 7th Element cover art by unknown artist

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Dan Sessions is a senior member school student who is a talented musician and performer. One day, angered by his teacher for not being given a part in his final high school musical, he returns home and, while practicing his piano skills, hears a voice in his head. Identifying itself as Princess Celestia, the voice offers him a chance to cool down and vent his anger in something he loves doing. Dan agrees, and he is suddenly sent to Equestria, where he turns into a blue pegasus pony. Celestia sends him to Ponyville, gives him the alias Blue "Ace" Bass, and warns him not to reveal his true identity to anyone for the sake of not causing panic. After teleporting Dan to Ponyville, she tells Luna that he does not know the real reason she has brought him to Equestria.

Dan appears outside the Everfree Forest, and after a failed attempt to fly, encounters Rainbow Dash. She takes him to Ponyville, where he meets Applejack selling apples. Rainbow then takes Dan to Twilight Sparkle's house, who has been informed of his arrival by the Princess and has been expecting him. She gives him refreshments and she, Dan and Rainbow converse. Throughout this entire scenario, Rainbow shows signs of attraction to Dan.


The author's note at the end of the final chapter revealed that The 7th Element is in fact the first installment of a trilogy. A spin-off sequel, A New Dawn on The Horizon, features a ten year old Blazing Dawn and his struggle for survival against the malevolent Nightmare entity. The official second installment, Return of the 7th Element, revolves around Dan's return to Equestria and reuniting with his family.

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