Tarby's OC
Other names TarbyRocks
George DesRoches
Bacon Mane
The Brony Jesus
Active since June 2011
Known as Musician
Tarby is a brony musician from United States, known for making music in variety of genres, with primary genres being progressive and industrial rock/metal. His tracks can get rather lengthy. He is also known for being one of the principle guitarists at conventions, including playing for The Michelle Creber Band.

Something Broke

Something Broke
Creator(s) Tarby
Published October 2011
Duration 20:53
Subtitled The Continuing Tale Of Pinkie Pie & Ponycide, it is both one of the best known Tarby's songs, and one of the longest. This 21-minute suite, or concept EP, is said to be intended as the first part of a large concept album. Lyrically the song is a prequel to the infamous Cupcakes, and incorporates the events from Sonic Rainboom, The Cutie Mark Chronicles and Party of One, presenting a version that Pinkie's descent into insanity was caused by ber seeing the Sonic Rainboom, triggering a slow, PTSD driven descent into madness and insanity. It is one of the few derivative works of Cupcakes that was featured on Equestria Daily.

Selection of other songs

2011-08-29 Ballad of Autumn Dreams 5:24 Acoustic Ballad Tarby's first notable musical contribution to the community; won the 7th Pony Music compo
2011-09-10 The Wings You Earned 7:48 Rock Ballad Reinterpretation of Scootaloo's Wings by Jackle App
2011-09-23 Kaos Rizing 5:54 Blues
2011-12-19 Glaze's Nightmare Nite 3:35 Swing Cover of Nightmare Night by WoodenToaster
2012-02-19 (demo), 2012-06-04 (final) Rejected 8:20 Industrial Metal Balloon Party entry
2012-03-17 Born Cross Eyed 11:37 Progressive RockAlternative version released on E.S.C.A.P.E
2013-03-27 Nightmare Moon 8:11 Synthpop  Rock version on Everfree
2013-04-12 What You Hoped To Find 7:11 Drum And Bass/Metal Title track and opening track of the What You Hoped To Find EP, released 
2013-06-08 Don't Say You Want Me 6:07 Alternative RockCollaboration with Feather
2014-02-14 The Night Will Last Forever 5:24 Alternative Pop
2014-09-06 Little Sister 6:39 Progressive RockCollaboration with Aviators

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