Super Celestia Sunshine
Super Celestia Sunshine (Japanese Poster)
Japanese Cover
Writer/artist Roger334
Date published July 7, 2017
Pages 2
Featuring Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Princess Cadance
Based on Super Mario Sunshine

Super Celestia Sunshine (Japanese: スーパーセレスティアサンシャイン Hepburn: Supa Seresutia Sanshain) is a 2017 Japanese comic written by Roger334. The comic is based on the video game Super Mario Sunshine, a game developed and published by Nintendo in 2002. 


After landing at the airport of Isle Delfino, Princess Celestia is arrested by the local police. A villain resembling Celestia, known as Shadow Celly, had vandalized the island with graffiti. This culprit, described by eyewitnesses, matches with the princess' physical appearance.

Celestia is found guilty in court. She is ordered to clean up the entire island. Until then, she is not allowed to leave. The Ruler of Equestria, aided by a water pump named F.L.U.D.D. (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device), now must clear her name and save the islanders from pollution. 


Super Celestia Sunshine was first shown as a vector on July 17, 2014. A year later, on August 21, 2015, the author published a special series of 9 vectors based on his adaption of the video game. Two years later, a comic, written in Japanese, was published on the author’s Deviantart account. An English version, also named “International Version”, was later published on DA and Equestria Daily. 


  • The Japanese version contains 54 frames, while the International Version only have 52.
  • The only area of the original game not to be shown on the comic was Hotel Delfino.
  • The "C" mark drawn by Shadow Celly represents the first letter of Celestia's name. The accents over it makes a reference to Shadow Mario's classic letter "M" signature.
  • During the Watermelon Festival scene, the author's OC can be seen in the background as Il Ponyssimo.
  • At the end of the Japanese comic, the graffiti on Noki Bay's cliff-side contains the native name of Nintendo in Kanji (任天堂).

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