Summer Star
Other names Sunny
Kind pony
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) medium high
Summer Star is a pony with a galaxy black mane and a clean white body. She has energy-yellow colored eyes and a yellow star as a cutie mark. Summer Star is a Unigas.(a pegasus with a striped feather capable for magic) One thing Summer Star is known for is singing with her sister Thunder Ash.
Summer star 2

Summer Star (made myself)

(I'm still the process of making this ;)


Summer Star is a calm, relaxed pony that is always nice to everypony. If you know how to exactly how to push her buttons, well, you're in for it! Summer Star especially likes singing. She has some mental illness that makes her get confused easily. (Sometimes she laughs at something her friends say even though she doesn't get it at all!) She also always encourages other ponies to press on!


It seems Summer Star isn't really concerned with relationships. Summer Star never was really interested in that sort of thing. But who knows, maybe someday she might dig into it a little.

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Summer Star (made by my friend E. Foxdactyl on SKETCH)

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