spike is sad and kills himself
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Writer(s) NetherLips
Date published June 2011
Words 1,919
Status Complete
Featuring Spike
spike is sad and kills himself, is a more seriously written than titled fan fiction by NetherLips in which Spike decides to take his life after a horrible depression he had over his love and desire for Rarity.


Since June 27, 2011, the story has been presented on the author's deviantArt page in the form of an image. It consists of a crudely-drawn Spike at the top, with the text of the story underneath. Spaces between paragraphs are inconsistent, and one of the line breaks features a visible seam, indicating that the image was stitched together from several screenshots. However, as of August 13, 2012, the story is no longer on his deviantArt account.

Before being republished on deviantArt, it had already been posted anonymously, in segments and without a title in a June 2, 2011 thread on the 4chan board /co/. It had also been published, possibly in a different form, on NetherLips's later-deactivated alienfingers account no later than June 1, 2011.


Save for a brief epilogue, the story uses stream-of-consciousness techniques to present Spike's thoughts and emotions as well as some descriptions of his surroundings. It does so in the third person with no dialogue except for two lines by an imaginary Rarity.


Spike has made a decision: he intends to kill himself because he cannot bear that his love for Rarity is unrequited. When the story sets in one night near dawn in the Ponyville library, he has already procured an implement for this purpose, a razor blade given to him by by Snips. He has also nailed a picture of a smiling Rarity to the ceiling.

He symbolically pulls off all of his scales before cutting himself. As he bleeds out lying on the floor, a vision of Rarity glides towards him from the ceiling, kissing him as he draws his final breath.

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