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SlyphStorm is a male American musician and animator. His music falls under various genres though he often mixes electronic and rock elements. He prefers making covers over making remixes to pre-existing songs. His animations are made using Blender.

In early 2016, he renamed his channel to SlyphStormARCHIVE, indicating his leaving of music scene.

Pegasus Device

Pegasus Device
Creator(s) SlyphStorm
Published October 31, 2013
Duration 5:02
Related to Pegasus Device by AuroraDawn

Pegasus Device is a song by SlyphStorm uploaded on Halloween 2013. It is inspired by the fanfic of the same name by AuroraDawn that served as a sequel to Rainbow Factory which was itself inspired by the eponymous song by WoodenToaster. The video begins with a short animation made by SlyphStorm who also made the artwork used in the video.

The song describes the purpose of the Rainbow Factory while at the same time displaying Scootaloo's loss of respect for Rainbow Dash and descent into madness.

The song was featured on Equestria Daily as part of a Halloween Music Fest.[1] A remix by Viricide Filly was also featured on EQD.[2] Pegasus Device took the number one spot on Everfree Network's Top 100 Brony Track Countdown 2013. It is currently the most viewed original song on SlyphStorm's YouTube channel. The song also inspired artwork by ABluSkittle.[3]


Published Title Length Notes
2013-06-07 Games Ponies Play: LightCycles 3:49
2013-06-24 The Bravest of Fillies 3:20
2013-08-18 MLP: The Doctor Regenerates 4:19
2013-08-30 Explorer At Sea - Day 14 NATG 0:30
2013-09-28 Star Trek: Equestria 1:51

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2013-02-06 Alicorn Tears 4:49
2013-02-28 Upon Thy Wings Of Fire 3:18
2013-03-06 Picture Perfect Lie 3:56
2013-03-12 Last Chance To Fly 4:15
2013-03-26 StarGazer 3:15
2013-04-07 SkyChaser 3:54
2013-05-02 Those Who've Passed Away 4:42
2013-05-12 Bowstrings & Heartstrings 3:13
2013-05-18 Stripes and Spells 4:36
2013-06-10 HeartLifter 4:17
2013-08-09 Adventurer 3:31
2013-09-18 Spirits 5:12 Collab with Decibelle
2013-10-19 SoulSinger 7:35 Collab with Amadhia Dreamsong
2013-11-15 Steal Your Heart and Eat Your Muffins 5:19


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