Skyfire Storm
Other names Matt, Skyfire, Storm, Stormfire, ST
Active since December 9, 2013
Known as Fanfiction writer, filmmaker, artist

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Skyfire Storm is a college-aged fanfiction writer, artist and YouTuber who having been introduced to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic sometime in mid-late 2012 has been active in the world of fanfiction since mid 2013, on both FiMFiction and, where he formerly roleplayed on Auto-Buscus' forum. He writes mostly in third-person form and is perhaps best known for Soldier of the Night, by far his most popular and well-received story as of January 2016. Presently, all of his stories are tagged as being 'alternate universe', but in the near future, he hopes to write stories set in the series canon.

His primary OC, Stormfire, is a blue Pegasus stallion who works as a Royal Guard in Canterlot, and Soldier of the Night is essentially his life story from the very beginning until present day. His two other stories, Blue Skye's Story and Blue's Adventures were both in many ways similar to SoTN (Skyfire often refers to said stories as the 'proto Soldier of the Night'), serving as the life story of Skyfire's other OC, Blue Skye, but Blue's Adventures was discontinued after the first chapter received highly negative ratings. At his current rate, Skyfire expects to finish Soldier of the Night in April or May, and often cooperates with his good friend, Thunderblast while writing said story. Skyfire also maintains Facebook pages of his two OCs, however, he is more active on Stormfire's page, which presently has around 1,500 likes. He is also an avid gamer, who is into shooting gaming videos as well as ROBLOX machinimas with friends. He also suffers from Asperger Syndrome, a very mild form of autism.

At present, he runs two YouTube channels, one dedicated to gaming videos (ST477Gaming) and one dedicated to other types of videos (Storm477), though right now, much of his videos on the latter channel are speedpaints. 

Skyfire Storm is currently in his second year of community college and is majoring in computer science; his activity on FiMFiction has markedly declined in some part due to focusing on his major but he plans to continue and complete SoTN by the end of 2019. 


By far, Skyfire's most well-received and most popular story is Soldier of the Night, a fanfiction that serves as the backstory of his OC, Stormfire. As of October 2016, the story has received 941 story views, along with 10,900 total views and 35 likes. With only 4 dislikes, the story is easily Skyfire's most well-received story to date.

Soldier of the Night
Soldier of the night

Writer(s) Skyfire Storm
Date published 9/6/14
Words 153,750
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Dark, romance, comedy, AU
Featuring Stormfire
Related to Under the Moonlight
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(More info can be found on the story's page here)

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  • Soldier of the Night - by far, Skyfire's most well-known and well-received story to date. 
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