Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon Vector by piranhaplant1.png
Other names Silvy
Kind Earth pony
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Griffin Lewis (Friendship is Witchcraft)

Silver Spoon is a grey filly who antagonizes the Cutie Mark Crusaders with her best friend, Diamond Tiara.


Most fanfiction will compare Silver Spoon to Diamond Tiara. While Diamond Tiara is commonly portrayed as a leader, Silver Spoon is generally portrayed as a follower, acting subordinate to Diamond Tiara's orders. Silver Spoon is often depicted as having higher moral standards than her best friend.

Depiction in fan works

When not a protagonist, Silver Spoon usually serves as Diamond Tiara's sidekick. In such stories, their relationship can range between being equal and unequal.

In stories where she is the protagonist, a common plot revolves around Silver Spoon breaking off her friendship with Diamond Tiara to instead befriend the Cutie Mark Crusaders.[1]


Silver Spoon is commonly paired with Sweetie Belle romantically.[2][3][4]



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