Silent Falleym 2 is fan made My Little Pony game and pony adaptation of Silent Hill in the genre Alt Horror. The sequal to the original game and second game in franchise. Published and developed by The Flaundflare Studio.

Silent Falleym 2
Creator(s) The Flaundflare Studios
Date published March 15, 2019
Type of game Alt Horror
Platform/engine Windows/AnterEngine 5
Part of Silent Falleym
Based on Silent Falleym


Behind are streets of Silent Falleym and two floors of Hospital Harbrake.

But the end of the road is not visible, the symbols of the Order of Marmad gave a hint. To get to the Guardian Argron, Daisy needs to destroy all his servants called the Elders. Perhaps Argron is keeping Daisy's sister in his prison, any case, there is no other way out.

Silent Falleym is pony adaptation of classical Silent Hill series. It has as classical things and in same time new ones. Silent Falleym has own lore which not related to Konami's Silent Hill.


The static camera has gone, controls has become similar to Fall of Anterfold but with many serious changes. Nightmare Alarms now are two and they spawn different type of monsters. Difficulty and Fear system were changed. Many things got serious rebalance.


The game got very positive reviews. Players have mentioned: more detailed atmosphere, monsters, and environment itself. From other mentions were: updated sound effects, general game style. As minus was mentioned a weaker variety of tasks themselves.

The game got the title "The Best Pony Horror" depriving it of the original game.


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