Silent Falleym: Snowfall
Creator(s) Cybertronix Games/Dark Seekers Studio
Date published October 26, 2019
Type of game Psychological Horror, Nightmare Horror
Platform/engine Windows/CyberX Engine
Part of Silent Falleym
Based on Silent Falleym

Silent Falleym: Snowfall is fan made My Little Pony game and the remake of the original game. Published by Cybertronix Games and developed by Dark Seekers Studio.


The city Silent Falleym was peaceful and prosperous, and its river Lorcrey was a pearl. The order of fanatics carried out bloody rituals called Marmad, the purpose of which was to awaken the dark god, Metatrox. Soon a curse upon a curse fell on the city. All the city was plunged into darkness. Daisy Wallace goes to Green Bridge to visit her family but before the car has appeared silhouette, Daisy lost control over the car and crashed into the tree. After wake up, she noticed that is in some city. One of the signboards says: "Welcome to Silent Falleym". No sounds or any residents. The snowfall with darkness becomes denser and stronger, but most terrible things are waiting ahead...


The game is reimagination of the franchise. The first game of series where the religion playing important role in the gameplay.


The remake has surpassed the original game in all respects. The main things which players have mentioned were the gameplay and the stylization.

The game got the titles "The Best Pony Horror" and ''The Best Pony-Remake''.


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