Silent Falleym
Creator(s) The Flaundflare Studios
Date published January 13, 2019
Type of game Alt Horror
Platform/engine Windows/AnterEngine 5
Part of Silent Falleym
Based on Silent Falleym

Silent Falleym is fan made My Little Pony game and pony adaptation of Silent Hill in the genre Alt Horror. The first game in franchise. Published and developed by The Flaundflare Studio.


The city Silent Falleym was peaceful and prosperous, and its river Lorcrey was a pearl. The order of fanatics carried out bloody rituals called Marmad, the purpose of which was to awaken the dark gods. Soon a curse upon a curse fell on the city. All city was plunged into darkness. Daisy Wallace goes to Silent Falleym to visit her sister Laurie which is in Hospital Harbrake. Daisy loses consciousness while driving. She wakes up in Silent Falleym, but the city looks empty. No any sounds or residents. The darkness is getting denser and denser because of which is difficult to see anything around and before yourself. The nightmare only begins.


The gameplay is a mix between classic Survival Horror with Fall of Anterfold mechanics. The game camera is half-static, and the character can't attack while running. The nightmare reality got several changes, unlike Silent Hill. As the almost TFS games, the game has a survival element as the first thing.


The game got very positive reviews. From the main: deep atmosphere, new look of nightmare reality, sounds and music. From common: survival, compass and radio noises, the gameplay.

The game got the title "The Best Pony Horror".


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