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Mark Nichols

Active since August 2011
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Shwabadi is a British Brony Musician who has been active in the community since August 2011. Shwabadi's earlier musical pursuits were predominantly fast raps and cyphers but in the last 2 years has manoeuvred more towards upbeat acoustic and folk songs. Shwabadi has listed rappers such as Tech N9ne, Mac Lethal, and Watsky as big influences in his earlier songs and musicians such as Johnny Cash and Mumford and Sons as his modern influences.[1]

His recent music is non-pony related.


Title Length Genre Notes
Semi-Original N/A Rap Album
She's out of her mind 3:37 Folk/Pop
In the Twilight 3:10 Folk/Pop
Nightfall (Spike's Retribution) 4:56 Rap Grimdark, beat by Dansonn