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Writer(s) Autumn Wind
Date published December 26, 2011
Words 8,531
Status Complete
Type/genre Sad
Featuring Derpy Hooves
Shimmer is a fanfic written by Autumn Wind and can be found on FIMFiction where, as of 12/29/2011, it holds a perfect 5-star rating. It is a sad but ultimately heartwarming story that explores the history behind Ditzy Doo and her daughters Sparkler and Dinky.


Shimmer is written in third-person and is told mostly in flashbacks interspaced by questions and comments by Cheerilee.


Cheerilee is at home one evening grading reports that her students have written about their families. Shortly after reading Dinky Doo's paper about her loving mother Ditzy and her adopted older sister Sparkler, Cheerilee is interrupted by a knock on her door. The visitor turns out to be Sparkler, who is in great need of a pony to confide in. After settling in, Sparkler tells Cheerilee that she has a secret she has to tell, but that it must be kept from Dinky. After getting the teacher's promise, Sparkler begins telling the tale of her early childhood, a tale that includes an abusive mother, a caring neighbor named Ditzy, and a baby sister named Shimmer.

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