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The Story

Seeds of Darkness is created by EStories, which can be found on Deviantart [1]. The story is about an magic-sucking pony who tries to fit in while deciding if she should go against her leader or not.

The Start of a New Friendship

While Twilight is reading a book, she suddenly hears a sound. She goes to check it out  to see that it is a mysterious glowing red and black ball. Once it gets closer to her it begins to suck the magic from her. Rainbow notices the red glow coming from Twilight's house an rushes to Twilight's window. She is shocked by the glowing red and black ball sucking away magic from Twilight. Twilight uses her magic to crack the ball, causing the ball to burst into a bright red light and with a sound that alarmed
Ball sucking Magic from Twilight

by EStories

Fluttershy, Pinkie, Applejack, Spike, Rarity, and Luna. Applejack walks to Twilight's house. Twilight gets up around a cloud of smoke and sees a dark blue unicorn who looks just like her except her hair is blueish-gray, blueish-white, and light gray. She notices Twilight and begins sucking her magic again. Applejack notices Rainbow Dash and asks if she is alright. Rainbow replys that she is and goes to pounce on the dark blue pony breaking her horn and knocking her out.

The blue pony dreams of being in a pitch black place, noticing her horn hurts from Rainbow Dash, she pleds to not be left in the darkness again, as the darkness starts to consume her, she starts a light and runs towards it. She wakes up with a bandage on her honr and to a salad, an apple,  a glass of water and a note from Twilight. The note says "Good morning, Silverlay, enjoy your meal". The blue pony wonders who Sliverlay is, then walks down the stairs. Spike and Twilight have a little talk about the blue pony, Spike grows worried for Twilight, but Twilight knows the only way to save her and the blue pony is to become the blue pony's friend. Spike says something about Luna was right. Twilight tells Spike if they try to break the connection between them, the blue pony would disappear, and Twilight woul lose her magic. She tells Spike to check on the prepations of the others, saying if the plan works we won't even need three days. 

Twilight walks up to the blue pony's room, being met by a salad that the blue pony threw at her. The blue pony wonders why she broke her horn, Twiight replys she did not and Rainbow did it from pouncing on her. The blue pony wonders why Twilght canceled her spell. Twilight knows that she is an Umbra pony.

Umbra Pony

Twilight tells how she knows that what Umbra ponies are. She found out when the two Alicorn sisters came after the blue pony fainted. Ages ago, Umbra ponies lived in Equestria in the era of darkness.


by EStories

The blue pony's master Obsidian was the one who ruled the land, he did this by performing the forbidden spells. With his magic he created Umbra ponies which were the blooming of the seeds of darkness. Umbra ponies are able to drain the magic of any pony. If the magic is drained from the pony, the pony disappears. This is why the spells Obsidian used are now forbidden. Princess Luna told Twilight that Umbra ponies don't have their own heart, they just follow orders from their master. They are also born with the memories of a pony, and have no name. Their master disappeared a long time ago for an unknown reason. Twilight didn't believe what Luna said about not having a heart, and gave the blue pony a name, her new name is Sliverlay. Twilight believes that shadows understand what real light is. 

Twilight thinks that the magic of friendship can save them both, Sliverlay laughs at the idea, saying friendship won't save you. 

A New Dress

Twilight takes Sliverlay with her to Rarity's house to get a new dress. Rarity at first acts nice for Twilight's sake demanding Sweetie Bell to go upstairs. After trying on many dresses, she finds the perfect dress for Sliverlay. Rarity asks Twilight to leave to give Silverlay some privacy and for her to work her magic on
Sliverlay's Dress

by EStories

Sliverlay. Sliverlay suddenly bursts into tears. Rarity soon warms up to her after realizing that Sliverlay has feelings. After talking to Sliverlay she also realizes that Sliverlay is in conflict with her duty of being an Umbra pony and trusting Twilight to save them both. In the meanwhile, Rainbow turns into an Umbra. After crying, Sliverlay appears shocked by something, realizing she can't change and runs aways. Leaving Twilight worried. Rarity knew she would be okay due to have some of Twilight in her. She screams from the stuggle of her duty and wanting to trust Twilight, not realizing that Fluttershy was there, scaring Fluttershy away. She soon realizes an Umbra pony who tries to be a normal pony, won't have any luck. She should just do her duty as an Umbra pony.

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