Rogue Diamond
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Writer FlimFlamBros.
Artist/editor Pia-chan (illustrations)
HeimoBauss/xXAngeLuciferXx (backgrounds)
Blazewingsthunder/CrescentScript (background coloring)
KaiUchiha15 (colors)
Pabloracer1/Buckweiser (gun art)
Date published August 26, 2013
Pages 145 + 7 bonus pages (as of May 15, 2017)
Type/genre Action
Dark fantasy
Alternate universe
Featuring Spike

Rogue Diamond is an ongoing action/drama comic written by FlimFlamBros. and drawn by Pia-chan/Pia-sama.

Heavily inspired by the Black Lagoon manga series, it follows Spike in an alternate-universe Equestria (in which every character is anthropomorphic) as he is dragged from his mundane life and becomes an unwitting member of a band of mercenaries led by Rarity.


Chapter 0: The Prologue

The story opens with a flashback with narration by Spike. Ten years prior to present day, when the rise of Nightmare Moon was quelled and Princess Luna returned, the ponies of Equestria openly welcomed her. However, Princess Celestia was displeased by how Luna socialized with the public and began to question her motives. As time went on, Celestia's paranoia worsened and she started having dreams of Luna usurping her throne.

Believing everypony loved Luna more than her, Celestia decided to rule with fear instead of love and increased the temperature of the sun. Forests burned and polar ice caps melted, causing great floods that claimed many ponies and cities.

Luna tried to reason with Celestia, but Celestia refused to listen, believing Luna's "plans" to overthrow her had been ruined. When Luna failed to get through to Celestia with reason, she resorted to force, but Celestia easily overpowered her. As punishment, Celestia locked Luna in a crate and cast her into the ocean.

Chapter 1: Slum Dreams

In present day, Spike, a fully grown dragon, lives alone in an apartment in the slums outside Canterlot. As he walks through the rundown docks, giving his only bit to a homeless mare on the side of the road, he wonders how things became like this—how Celestia could intentionally make Equestria like this. He also thinks of Twilight Sparkle, who he hasn't seen since the floods occurred.

In another flashback, Princess Celestia sends Twilight, who's worried about the upcoming rise of Nightmare Moon, to Ponyville to oversee preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. However, she has Spike stay with her in Canterlot so that Twilight can make real friends while she's away in Ponyville. Spike never saw Twilight again, and the floods came seven months later.

Back in present day, Spike arrives at his place of work—Fancypants Waters—and finds a pile of paperwork on his desk. In the middle of his shift, Fancypants' secretary—a dark-coated, well-endowed mare with the numbers "00284" imprinted on her right cheek—walks over and says Fancypants wants to see him.

Chapter 2: A Better Deal?

As Fancypants' secretary talks to Spike, she catches him staring at her breasts and warns him to keep his eyes at eye level. Spike follows the secretary to Fancypants' office door, which the foul-tempered secretary practically shoves him through. Once inside, Spike is greeted by Fancypants, the company owner.

Fancypants tasks Spike with delivering a briefcase, the contents of which Fancypants claims are "just some boring papers", to New Baltimare in return for compensation of fifty thousand bits. Spike is initially thrilled to receive such a large sum of money, but he has second thoughts when the briefcase is handcuffed to his wrist. Before Spike can ask any more questions, the secretary comes in and drags him out of the office. As the office door closes, Fancypants picks up and looks at a picture of his and Fleur de Lis' wedding day.

Chapter 3: Crimson Waters

Fancypants' secretary escorts Spike to a private cargo ship bound for New Baltimare and, after catching him staring at her breasts again, angrily sees him off. Regardless, Spike boards the ship, excited about the easy fortune he is going to make from this job.

Several hours later, the ship comes under attack by another vessel. A missile explodes into the side of the ship, and a Pegasus mare from the other vessel easily dispatches Fancypants' whole security team, killing each of them with a bullet to the head. The mare with rainbow-colored hair corners Spike at gunpoint and asks him what's in the briefcase. When Spike says he doesn't know, the Pegasus mare threatens to shoot him in the crotch unless he tells her. Before she does so, another mare from the other ship—a beautiful unicorn—stops her.

After a brief argument between the two mares about getting blood on the unicorn's boots, the unicorn mare apologizes to Spike for her associate's crass behavior and politely asks him what's in the briefcase. Spike, completely taken by the unicorn's beauty, insists that he was never made privy to the case's contents. Before the rainbow-maned Pegasus suggests cutting Spike's arm off, the unicorn comes up with the idea of bringing him along with them.

The unicorn introduces herself as Rarity, and the Pegasus named Rainbow Dash carries Spike to the other ship and welcomes him to the Rogue Diamond.

Chapter 4: Meet The Crew

Rainbow Dash drops Spike onto the deck of the Rogue Diamond's ship, where he meets Applejack (who immediately points a shotgun at Spike's face). Applejack is also curious about the contents of the briefcase and also entertains the notion of cutting Spike's arm off when Rarity joins them. Despite Rainbow Dash's short temper, Spike's interaction with the Rogue Diamond crew is more or less tolerable.

Suddenly, another military ship arrives, and the Rogue Diamond comes under attack by military reinforcements. During the shootout, Spike is seemingly killed by a gunshot to the forehead. As Applejack and Rarity carry Spike's body and run for cover, a bullet grazes Rarity's leg and she gets blood on her boot. Enraged, Rarity fires upon the enemy crew and single-handedly incapacitates them. When she runs out of ammo, she uses her unicorn magic to capsize the enemy ship.

Much to Applejack and Rainbow Dash's shock, Spike is still alive with only a small head wound—a feat that Rainbow is actually impressed by.

Chapter 5: Meet The Crew II

Some time later, Spike wakes up in a medical room bed and is greeted by a timid Pegasus mare. With a massive headache and dry throat, Spike sits upright to yawn; the Pegasus next to him is so frightened by his rows of sharp teeth that she sprays him with mace and begs him not to eat her. Now Spike has burning eyes on top of everything else.

Spike assures the mare that he isn't going to eat her, and after some minor communication troubles, she eventually introduces herself as Fluttershy. Upon realizing that Spike is friendly, Fluttershy barrages him with questions. Before Spike can answer any, he discovers the briefcase handcuffed to his wrist is gone. Fluttershy thinks it might be in the cafeteria, and Spike heads out with her support.

The two enter the cafeteria to find it filled with steam. Inside, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are attempting to open the briefcase—and finding it exceedingly difficult. Seeing Spike up and about, Rainbow offers some praise (or her idea of praise) to Spike for surviving a gunshot to the head. Frustrated and hungry, Rainbow calls out to Pinkie Pie in the kitchen, and she comes out—wearing nothing but an apron—carrying a pudding cake.

As Rainbow Dash pigs out on Pinkie's cake, Pinkie greets Spike (with an open-mouthed kiss). Bowled over by the different and eccentric personalities on the ship, Spike leaves the room and tries to think of a way to escape or SOS for help. As he leaves, he bumps into Rarity. Though she is the most beautiful pony that he's ever met, Spike still thinks she's crazy for losing her temper over her boots.

Before the conversation gets awkward, Rarity excuses herself to go see the ship's communications officer, mentioning she is very reclusive. When Rarity knocks on the communications officer's door and she comes out, Spike is shocked to discover it's Twilight Sparkle. Having not seen each other in years, Twilight and Spike have a tearful reunion while Rarity watches in utter confusion.

Chapter 6: When She was Young

After introductions, Twilight asks Spike why he didn't visit her in Ponyville after the Summer Sun Celebration or respond to any of her letters ten years before. Spike explains that he chose to stay in Canterlot because after receiving Twilight's first letter about the friends she made, he felt like she didn't need him anymore. As a result of his decision to stay in Canterlot, Spike witnessed Celestia's mental deterioration firsthand.

Four days after Princess Luna's return, Spike heard Celestia screaming in the middle of the night. In her bedchamber, Celestia was on the floor covered in burns and bruises and clutching a severed claw in her hand. Suddenly, she started laughing, and she looked at Spike in the doorway with a hauntingly crooked smile.

Rarity sympathizes with Spike for having to go through such trauma at a young age, and a tearful Twilight vows to kill Celestia. As part of her plan to overthrow Celestia, Twilight had been forced to go into hiding while the world believes she is dead. She retreats to the magically-fortified safety of her room. Inside, Rarity explains the situation to Twilight about Fancypants' briefcase. While Rarity goes to retrieve the briefcase, Spike stays with Twilight.

Twilight tells Spike that, as happy as she is to see him, they have to part ways; she thinks her line of work is too dangerous for Spike to be exposed to. Despite Spike's objections—and the fact that he survived a gunshot to the head—Twilight refuses to bend on her decision. Rarity returns with the briefcase, and Twilight succeeds in opening it. Among the briefcase's contents, Twilight discovers a bug, and she realizes they're being tracked.

The ship's alarms suddenly go off, and someone hacks into the ship's speaker systems. Fancypants' secretary leads the enemy forces, and she demands that the Rogue Diamond crew hand over Spike and the briefcase in twenty minutes. Faced with four enemy ships, Twilight asks Rarity what they are going to do, and Rarity says that depends on Spike...

Chapter 7: Deadlock

On the deck of the Rogue Diamond crew's ship, Spike prepares to turn himself over to Fancypants' military forces, much to Applejack and Rainbow Dash's disapproval. Applejack and Rainbow even expect to die and talk about things they'd miss once they're dead (such as strip clubs). As they fantasize about one of their favorite male strippers, Fancypants' secretary tells them to lay down their weapons as they board.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash do as they're told, and Fancypants' secretary boards the Rogue Diamond ship, demanding Spike and the briefcase. As Spike approaches the secretary, he reveals that he saw what was inside the briefcase: blueprints for magical nuclear bombs. The secretary angrily chews Spike out for looking inside the case, but Spike returns her anger and asks how weapons of mass destruction are going to help ponies. The secretary explains that, because of the world's scarce supply of clean water, Fancypants intends to "mercifully" destroy key locations that can't afford it and would otherwise die of thirst.

Spike is appalled to learn of such a plan, but the secretary doesn't care, especially since his looking inside the briefcase means his employment is terminated. She proceeds to knock him down and blast him at close range with her anti-materiel rifle. However, as the smoke clears, Spike still stands, having deflected the rifle's barrel away at the last second with his tail. In retaliation, Spike delivers a harsh left hook to the secretary's face and announces his resignation from Fancypants Waters.

As the secretary briefly goes down and her weapon falls into the sea, she orders her soldiers to execute Spike. Carrying out a plan that Rarity made twenty minutes earlier, Spike acts as bait to absorb the soldiers' bullets, largely protected by the hardness of his scales. With the soldiers focused on Spike, Rainbow Dash and Applejack swoop in to incapacitate them one by one. As the Rogue Diamond ship makes its getaway, Applejack runs out of ammo while facing one of the enemy commanders, so she resorts to using devastating hand-to-hand combat. Upon cornering the commander, Applejack seizes his handgun and breaks it apart with her bare hands. When he spits in her face in direct defiance, she brutally sends him flying through the enemy ship's metal hull.

As Rainbow continues to incapacitate enemy soldiers, one of them attempts to strike her down with unicorn magic. The unicorn hits her with lightning, but due to Rainbow's unique Pegasus physiology, she absorbs the lightning to make herself blindingly fast. With her boost in speed, she kills the unicorn and the rest of the gun-wielding soldiers. Meanwhile, Fancypants' secretary -- codenamed "Nihashi" -- vents her anger at Spike by stomping on his face repeatedly before seizing the briefcase. She radios her backup forces for an extraction and air strike on the Rogue Diamond ship.

Nihashi makes her getaway, and Spike lies helplessly on the ship's deck, desperate to not let her escape. At that moment, he has a vision of two dragon-like beings made of flame. Sensing Spike's deep desire to stop Nihashi from getting away, the beings tell him to embrace his anger and rage and unleash his inner dragon. Little by little, Spike feels his fear and doubts being replaced by pure instinct. His physical form becomes less humanoid and more animalistic. In this new form, Spike unleashes a monstrous roar.

Chapter 8: The Rage

In his new monstrous form, Spike storms the enemy ship in pursuit of Nihashi, viciously brutalizing her armed forces and setting them on fire with his dragon breath. Nihashi blasts the rampaging Spike with a rocket launcher, but he shrugs it off and breaks her weapon with one hand. After slashing at Nihashi with his claws and stomping on her midsection, Spike furiously tells her off once more before tossing her limp body into the ocean.

With the danger now passed, Spike reverts back to his normal form. After being pelted with gunfire earlier, his body finally succumbs to the pain, and he passes out.

Hours later, Spike wakes up in the medical room again with the Rogue Diamond crew members standing over him. The ponies have no shortage of praise and gratitude toward Spike for what he did, including Rainbow Dash. Though Spike is in incredible pain and horrified by his own terrible actions, he considers it all worth it when Rarity hugs him. At Fluttershy's insistence, the crew members leave the room to let Spike get some rest.

Before she leaves as well, Rarity asks Spike what he plans to do now that this incident is over. Since he has no job to return to, Rarity offers to let him join the Rogue Diamond crew, having already convinced Twilight to allow it. Spike accepts Rarity's invitation, delighted to find a group of ponies that accepts him for who he is. As he imagines what could've caused Princess Celestia to change and condemn her sister Luna to a watery grave, Celestia sits upon her throne in Canterlot with a grim, despotic look in her eyes.

Chapter 9: Scars

With Spike officially a member of the Rogue Diamond crew, Rarity decides to make him a new outfit to replace his clothes that got torn during the battle; Spike is mortified to discover he's been naked the whole time he was talking to the others. Rarity tells Spike to meet her in her room so she can take his measurements, and Fluttershy lends him her sweater so he can cover up his privates.

As he gets out of bed, Spike still feels sore all over, so Fluttershy applies a numbing agent to his bruises to numb the pain. When Spike asks how someone as gentle as her got involved with a band of mercenaries, Fluttershy explains that she and the others were friends before the floods. After she finishes treating Spike's injuries, Fluttershy quickly sends him on his way to Rarity's room, having struggled to maintain her arousal at his nudity and muscles.

On his way to Rarity's room, Spike runs into Pinkie Pie, who continues to be flirty with him by grabbing at his butt. She asks if he wants one of the girls to jump out of the cake she's preparing for him, but Spike declines, refusing even more when Pinkie suggestively offers to let him lick cake off of her body. Unable to handle more of Pinkie's oddness and teasing, Spike races to Rarity's room, where he finds her getting undressed. Spike offers to step outside and let her change in privacy, but Rarity allows him to stay, especially with Pinkie Pie lurking around outside the room.

As Rarity reaches for a robe, Spike notices her walking strangely, constantly facing forward toward Spike and covering up the left side of her stomach. When she nearly trips, she accidentally reveals what she was covering up: scars left by bullet wounds she incurred nine years ago. Rarity feels self-conscious about her scars, but Spike says they aren't that bad. She also shows him a much larger scar across her back that was left by someone she once trusted. Spike thanks Rarity for trusting him enough to be so open with him about her trauma, and Rarity feels flattered.

When Spike once again offers to give Rarity some privacy, Rarity appears to misread the situation and offers to get completely nude if it would make him more confortable. When she asks for help with unclipping her bra, Spike has a severe nosebleed, hits a wall with the back of his head, and passes out.

Holiday specials

Separate and non-canon from the main story, several Rogue Diamond short comics and one-shots have been created as tie-ins for certain holidays:

April Fool's Day

On the deck of the Rogue Diamond ship, a blushing Rainbow Dash approaches Spike, wanting to confess something deep and personal to him. As Rainbow gets intimately close, Spike fears that she wants to confess her love to him. Instead, she whispers "April Fools" in his ear and kicks him harshly in the groin. As Spike writhes in agony on the floor, Rainbow laughs at his pain and walks away, warning him that everyone on the ship is in a pranking mood—especially Rarity.

When Rarity approaches, Spike tries to play off his pain in front of her, but she quickly catches on to what happened. Spike explains to Rarity that Rainbow Dash tried to hit on him, and Rarity recreates the scenario, getting intimately close to Spike. Instead of kicking him in the groin, however, Rarity kisses him on the lips, much to Spike's pleasure.

Valentine's Day

Rarity enters Spike's room to inform him that dinner is almost ready, and she finds him asleep at a table trying to write a love letter to Rarity. Touched by Spike's feelings, Rarity kisses him on the forehead and writes on his letter that she feels the same way.

St. Patrick's Day

A two-page series of vignettes that showcases how the members of the Rogue Diamond crew act when they get drunk. Rarity becomes accident-prone and overly flirtatious; Twilight Sparkle writes homoerotic fan fiction; Rainbow Dash acts adorable and has a craving for cookies; Fluttershy becomes extremely sexually aroused even after drinking a small amount of liquor; Pinkie Pie wraps herself in a lot of clothes because alcohol makes her blood turn cold; and Applejack is unknown—she never gets drunk.



The main character of the story. Formerly Twilight Sparkle's number-one assistant and currently an employee of Fancypants Waters. He is believed to be the last dragon alive, as all of the other dragons in Equestria drowned in the great floods. Because he is considered repulsive by ponies, he has trouble finding a girlfriend.


The leader of the Rogue Diamond mercenary group. Beautiful in appearance and graceful in personality, but extremely sensitive about her fashion wear. Her weapon-of-choice is a Beretta 92 semi-automatic pistol.

Rainbow Dash

A member of Rogue Diamond. Foul-mouthed, short-tempered, and skilled in the use of firearms. Her weapon-of-choice are two Colt M1911 handguns.


A member of Rogue Diamond. Considerably more of a straight shooter than Rainbow Dash, and has a (somewhat disturbing) sense of humor. Her weapon-of-choice is a Remington 1740 double-barreled pump-action shotgun.


The resident medic of the Rogue Diamond crew. Soft-spoken and fearful of dragons, she always carries a bottle of mace to ward off assailants.

Pinkie Pie

The de facto head chef for the Rogue Diamond crew and self-proclaimed "super awesome party pony."

Twilight Sparkle

The reclusive communications officer for the Rogue Diamond crew. Spike's best friend and Princess Celestia's former student.

Princess Celestia

The sole ruler and self-proclaimed "goddess" of Equestria and scion of the sun. She has ruled tyrannically for ten years, and her actions led to Equestria's swift decline.

Princess Luna

Equestria's princess of the night, having returned after a thousand years of banishment in the moon. Celestia cast her body into the ocean due to severe paranoia of being overthrown. Presumed dead.


Original character. Fancypants' secretary and captain of his militia, codenamed "Nihashi" and bearing the numbers "00284" on her right cheek. Harbors a deep admiration for Fancypants, carrying out his orders without question, and prejudiced toward males—she considers all men to be perverted. In chapter 7, she wields a Barrett M82 anti-materiel rifle.


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