Rina Chan by REALOrunan0459
Rina-chan's OC
Other names Kira Buckland
Kagome Higurashi
Known as Voice actress
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Kira Buckland, also known as Rina-chan, is a professional voice actress known for participating in numerous fan projects. Her two most common roles are her favorite ponies, Colgate, and Twilight Sparkle. She voices a majority of the characters in Re-enacted by Ponies. Rina-chan has been involved in a few comic dubs and music collaborations. Recently, she has decreased her involvement in fan projects aside from commission work and ongoing projects.

Voice work

Published Title Role Notes
PONY.MOV Twilight Sparkle
Re-enacted by Ponies Various roles
Epic Pony Battles of History Twilight Sparkle (2)
Rarity (3)
Princess Luna (5)
2012-04-22 Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville Twilight Sparkle
My Little Portal Twilight Sparkle (2-4)
Fluttershy (3-4)
2013-03-21 Snowdrop Primrose
2013-03-30 Double Rainboom Twilight Sparkle
2013-05-17 Friendship is Witchcraft: The Movie Sunset Shimmer
Sonic VS MLP Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie

Colgate Brushie Song

Colgate Brushie Song
Creator(s) Rina-chan
Published 2012-07-17
Duration 0:13

The Colgate Brushie Song is a thirteen second video in which a still-image of Colgate sings the word "brush" repetitively before ending the video by saying, "Why no brush your teeth?" The artwork for the video was provided by TanMansManTan.

The short song is more famous because of the remixes it spawned. The two most notable remixes are the remix by The Living Tombstone and the Inspector Brushie Remix by SimGretina. Both videos have more views than the original. The Living Tombstone's remix was featured on Equestria Daily.[1]

A Day at the Dentist

A Day at the Dentist
Creator(s) Rina-chan
Jacob Kitts
Date added May 6, 2013
Duration 2:54
Status Complete
Voices Rina-chan
Taylor Rose
Meredith Sims
Alina Alberto
Bree Faith

A Day at the Dentist is an animated video made by Rina-chan and Jacob Kitts, creator of Re-enacted by Ponies. Both are involved in writing and directing though Rina-chan is the producer while Jacob Kitts is the animator. The video uses music by ArtAttack, Silva Hound, and Kevin MacLeod.

The video focuses on Colgate as she attempts to deal with her patients who come up with different excuses for why they don't brush their teeth. She goes through a series of comedic interactions with Lyra, Derpy, Trixie, Berry Punch, Vinyl Scratch, and an OC named Gamzee Makara. Colgate finally gives up after Pinkie Pie rambles about her excessive sugar-eating.



A Day at the Dentist currently has over one million views on YouTube. The day after it was uploaded, the animation was featured on Equestria Daily.[2] It was chosen as the best pony video of May 2013 with 141 votes.[3]

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