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Other names Rev
Reagan Murdock
Known as Voice actor
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 Rev897 (often shortened to Rev) is an American voice actor and musician. As a member of Silly Filly Studios, Rev serves as an actor and composer. He generally voices Discord in fan works.

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator
2012-04-22 Epic Wub Time:
Musicians of Ponyville
Discord 47times
2012-08-17 Queen Chrysalis vs. Discord Discord Brony James Dio
2012-09-23 Twilight the Unicorn Discord Silly Filly Studios
2013-03-19 Snowdrop Trailer Review
by Discord and Chrysalis
Discord Silly Filly Studios
2013-03-21 Snowdrop Pony classmate #2 Silly Filly Studios Also the main composer
2013-05-08 Daddy Discord Discord dBPony
2015 Journey of the Spark Discord Violet Ridenour

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