Project Anarchy
Project Anarchy Title Poster mock cover art by MLP-ProjectAnarchy
Official cover, done in Jasmine-Lotus' style.
Creator(s) Jasmine-Louts
Status In-Progress
Voices In-Progress
Type/genre Drama
Based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Project Anarchy is an upcoming fan-made video series created by Jasmine-Lotus.

A few months after Starlight Glimmer is reformed, a lone Pegasus with the strong philosophy of 'true freedom' or anarchy—absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual— and that every pony takes responsibility in protecting Equestria.

Project Anarchy is set to be comprised of ten chapters with full voice acting and music.

In 2015, before Project Anarchy came to be, it went by the name Bitter Jealousy, but due to major delays and a long hiatus, it's been decided that the whole project should be rewritten.

In the beginning of Bitter Jealousy, original characters were volunteered to be in the story and after its reboot, only a handful of original characters will be added in the story.

Voices Actors

It's been planned that there will be voice acting in the project, but due to the project being so early in development, it will be put on hold until further notice.


It's been planned that the project will be targeted to an older audience and will be darker than the normal atmosphere of the original show.

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