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Princess Cadance
Princess Cadance Vector.png
Other names Princess Cadence, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
Kind Alicorn
Pegasus (formerly)
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Morgan Lea (Friendship is Witchcraft)
Missbunniswan (Superman meets My Little Pony)
Emily Jones (You'll Play Your Part cover)
Kizame777 (Canterlot Wedding Bad End)
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Princess Cadance is an Alicorn pony who is first shown with Shining Armor, her husband. She is the former foalsitter of Twilight Sparkle and is later made the ruler of the Crystal Empire.


Cadance has been portrayed mostly as a kind and caring soul who goes out of her way to help those in need around her as best she can. She is also an avid foalsitter, and adores taking care of kids. She can have a playful and teasing streak at times, but she does know when to be serious and formal.

Memes and alternate personalities


Cupidance (or the "Princess of Shipping"[FA 1][FA 2]) is an idea that the fandom has toyed around with since Cadance's debut in A Canterlot Wedding. Mainly because her formal title is "The Princess of Love", Cadance is frequently depicted as the equine equivalent of Cupid in numerous fan works.[FF 1][FA 3][FA 4][FA 5][FA 6] A very common portrayal of this idea is an image (or literary description) showing Cadance flying around Equestria, searching for ponies whom she can smite with her heart-tipped arrows. It is notable that in Cadance: The Love Arsenal (a fanfiction by IndiBrony) that she uses a plethora of other love weapons besides the classic bow.


Cadance is mostly shown as a typical loving wife to Shining Armor, but occasionally a few fan works will pop up that ship her with other ponies as well, with one example being the obscure Princess Cadance/Twilight Sparkle (or "TwiDance") pairing.[FF 2][FA 7][FA 8][FA 9] Cadance is also coupled with Queen Chrysalis on rare occasions.[FA 10][FA 11][FA 12][FF 3] This pairing is commonly referred to as "Chrysadence" (or "Cadelis").

Additionally, she has been shipped with King Sombra[FA 13][FA 14][FA 15], Rainbow Dash[FA 16][FA 17][FA 18], and even Trixie.[FA 19][FA 20]

Princess Skyla, a merchandise-exclusive character, is sometimes portrayed as Cadance and Shining Armor's daughter in several fan works.[FA 21][FA 22] Furthermore, in The One Where Pinkie Knows, it is revealed that Cadance and Shining Armor are officially having a baby: an Alicorn filly named Flurry Heart.

She is also shown to have strong bonds with both of her aunts, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.


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