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Prince Whateverer is a brony musician from the United Kingdom who specializes in rock and metal. He has consistently rated in the top songs of Everfree Network's Top 100 Brony Track Countdown. He has received praise from other notable members of the community for his work, such as MandoPony stating he is his "favorite voice in the brony community". [1] Prince has produced several covers of popular songs, such as Mic the Microphone's Nightmare Night and PinkieSkye's September. He released his debut album Rediscover on November 23, 2013. 


Prince Whateverer has received widespread notoriety for his work. He was featured in Balloon Party 100% No Feeble Cheering alongside MandoPony, AcousticBrony, DJ MHM, IBringDaLulz, and "George" in Breaking Bonds [2]. The Brony Musician Directory rated him at 17 on the top Brony Musicians list [3] and has called him a "breath of fresh air" [4]

Featured songs

Rainbow Thrash
Creator(s) PrinceWhateverer
Composition PrinceWhateverer
Lyrics PrinceWhateverer
Vocals PrinceWhateverer
Instruments PrinceWhateverer
Duration 3:24
Type/genre Punk Rock

Rainbow Thrash

Rainbow Thrash Prince's first original MLP oriented song and was incredibly well received, ranking 97 on Everfree Network's 2011 top 100 tracks. Despite its name the songs style is closer to Pop Punk than to Thrash Metal. A remastered version has been released on PrinceWhateverer's debut album Rediscover.

Breaking Bonds
Creator(s) AcousticBrony and PrinceWhateverer
Composition AcousticBrony and PrinceWhateverer
Lyrics Various Artists
Vocals PrinceWhateverer (lead), MandoPony, IBringDaLulz, MrGeorgeFTW
Instruments AcousticBrony, DJ MHM
Duration 4:52
Type/genre Metalcore, Rap Metal, Electronicore

Breaking Bonds

Breaking Bonds has been called AcousticBrony's goal to "create the perfect song" for Balloon Party. During production of the song with PrinceWhateverer, they realized that their song was missing something, and in the end added multiple other artists to their number, namely MandoPony, [[iBringDaLulz]], DJ MHM, and MrGeorgeFTW. The song is sung from the points of view of both Rainbow Dash and Gilda, covering their history as friends to their eventual falling-out, with the chorus being sung by Pinkie Pie and an external narrator in rapped breakdown. It is ranked 87 on Everfree Network's 2012 top 100 countdown.

Between Fairytales and Happy Endings
Creator(s) PrinceWhateverer
Composition (ft. Liquid Cobalt and ISMBOFepicly)
Lyrics PrinceWhateverer
Vocals PrinceWhateverer (lead), ISMBOF (back)
Instruments Liquid Cobalt
Duration 4:26
Type/genre Alternative Rock

Between Fairytales and Happy Endings

Between Fairytales and Happy Endings is PrinceWhateverer's response to the scandal revolving around Derpy Hooves, who is simply referred to as "this mare". The song discusses how Derpy was loved, and then hated and received no happy ending, showcasing dissatisfaction with the entire situation.The end of the song poses a question in which Prince asks if "there ever be a happy ending for (Derpy)?". It follows the power ballad structure, mainly consisting of undistorted guitars until the emotional climax at the end which is significantly heavier than the bulk of the song. The song ranked 29 on Everfree Network's 2012 top 100 countdown, making it the highest awarded song of Prince's brony music career.

Selection of other songs

12-24-11 September 3:05 Rock, Metal Cover
02-06-12 Promises 5:01 Rock
03-25-12 Taking Flight (a song for the Wonderbolts) 4:59 Metalcore

Ranked 74 on EFN's Top 100 Brony Track Countdown 2012


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