Price of Fear
Creator(s) Cybertronix Games/Bloodforn Team
Date published April 30, 2019
Type of game Nightmare Horror
Platform/engine Windows/AnterEngine 6
Part of Price of Fear
Based on Price of Fear (2011)

Price of Fear is fan made My Little Pony game and founder of genre Nightmare Horror. The progenitor of all grimdark and pony horror games. Is a leader and until to this day. There were three versions: Price of Fear 2008, Price of Fear 2011 and today's Price of Fear 2019.


The 2257 year, cybernetic and biotic technologies have reached a maximum. The police department got a red signal from one of branches Unitetic Corp, Altreyne Tech. The communication with police squad which was sent to signal was lost, after losing the special squad, police head turned to help to T.A.S (Tactical Anti-paranormal Service) organization. One of the T.A.S teams, Alpha headed by captain Shelley Velasquez has arrived to set reason the losing communication. Shelley initialized the plan Amicron which mean that all team enters to Altreyne Tech from different sides and should meet into the center hall of Altreyne Tech. After entering, A.I defense system is blocking all main doors. The second bad news, connection with rest members was stopped. Soon Shelley will learn that nightmares of the past have returned again.


Price of Fear has many elements, but the main things are the surprise and the consequences of the made actions. The combat system makes a bias towards realism from which even one lost cartridge may have consequences. Also strongly highlighted: survival and non-statical pace of the gameplay.


The game has become the best of the best. Especially was appreciated by hardcore players for which this game and was made. Still, even newcomers have highly appreciated the game.

From mentions was: non-linear side of the gameplay, alternative survival system, and combat system.

Price of Fear got a title "King of All Dark Pony-Games".


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