Pony Space
Pony Space Logo by Mixermike622
The game's logo
Creator(s) Mixermike622
Date published April 11, 2011
Type of game 2-D sidescroller, third-person shooting game
Related to Dead Space
Pony Space is a fan based game made by Mixermike622. The game itself is a 2-D, pony themed version of the shooter game, Dead Space. You play as Pinkie Pie dressed up similar to the protagonist of the original Dead Space game Isaac Clarke and you must shoot your way though a series of necromorph ponies. The game is currently in a beta build, and is restricted to only a basic survival mode. Mixermike622 has stated several months ago that he has stopped working on the game, and that everybody should not "get their hopes up" in terms of him resuming development.


Pony Space Pinkie by Mixermike622


Aim - cursor

Shoot - left click


Left Arrow - move left

Right Arrow - move right

Up Arrow - boosters

Space - stasis

Main Menu

Pony Space Main Menu by Mixermike622

When you first load up the game, you will be taken to a main menu screen as shown above where you can choose the game resolution as well as the three main options, these are...

  • Story Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Extras

Currently, the only playable option is survival.


In this mode, you must survive as long as possible against an endless swarm of zombie ponies until all your health is gone. In the current version of the game, there are three types of zombie ponies you can face. The zombies are listed below:


These zombies are slow moving speed earth ponies. The only form of attack is to run into the player. They take two hits to be killed.


These zombies are average speed unicorn ponies looking like Twilight Sparkle. Still, you can only take damage by physical contact. Again, two hits to be killed.


These zombies are fast moving pegasi ponies who look like Rainbow Dash. They still have to run into you to do any harm. Once again, two hits to be killed.


Extra is a sub menu in Pony Space which currently holds the change log showing all the changes that have happen in each update. It currently holds only the changelog for V3.



Pony Space BETA v0.35:

  • Completly recoded the spawn system
  • Heavly tweaked character system
  • Added stasis system
  • Rebalanced survival mode
  • Added extra menu
  • Lowered sound volume
  • Added preloader
  • Added game over screen

Pony Space BETA v0.30:

  • Added basic HUD
  • Added quality buttons
  • Limited boosters that recharge over time
  • Tweaked in-air physics
  • Redesigned the entire menu system

Known bugs

Pony Space BETA v0.35:

  • No known bugs

Pony Space BETA v0.30:

  • Starts lagging close to two minutes
  • Some enemies spawn off the map
  • Sometimes the enemies don't disappear at the Game Over screen
  • If you scroll down the enemies stop spawning, (this could be dA related)

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