The Pony Music Compo (often referred to as Toast Beard, which was the original website for the competition listings) is a music competition run by sci. It is inspired and somewhat similar to the non-pony One Hour Compos. Several well-known brony musicians participate or used to participate in the competition, including WoodenToaster, Aviators, Jackle App and The Living Tombstone. There are no genre restrictions, but electronic music/techno dominates.

Submission and voting

sci suggests one or two themes and a set timelimit by which a composition has to be submitted to him, usually a week. The competition is open to anyone and explicitly encourages bronies without much musical experience to participate as an opportunity to have fun making and listening to music. As a result, not all entries are entirely serious. Both submission and voting take place on a custom chan-derived website.

On the day of the deadline, there is a live chat called "sync-listen", which serves as an occasion to listen to all the entries and comment on them live. Participants in the chat have a set number of days to vote for their favorite songs, giving one point each to them. Composers can vote for themselves and can decline to allocate the maximum number of points, but they can only vote for any given song once. The number of slots varies depending on how many entries there are; the maximum was four for the very first contest, five for subsequent ones up to and including #11, and usually 6-9 afterwards.

To keep the sync-listen time from ballooning and sort out the website's stability issues, composers were first asked to not submit more than two songs per week, and since mid-February 2012, submitting more than one song has been disallowed entirely. Length limits were instituted in April.

Pony Music Compos

This is a list of only the main competition installments, not including side projects like "remix wars", speed challenges and random challenges. Contest duration (from the posting of the theme to the submission deadline) is one week, unless noted otherwise. Links may lead to remastered versions that differ from the songs originally submitted to the competition. These competitions are marked with the code "ZIQ".

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01 Technical difficulties 2011-06-26 07 3-way tie
02 Battle themes 2011-07-09 14 Jeffthestrider: No Strings Attached duration: 2 weeks
03 Sudden sprouting of wings 2011-07-16 14 General Mumble:
Oh, These Old Things?
04 Founding of Equestria 2011-07-23 13 2-way tie
05 Fan labor inspiration 2011-08-06 21 Dr Dissonance:
The Night That Never Ended
duration: 2 weeks
06 Creation of rainbows 2011-08-13 23 Interrobang Pie: Rainbow's Blood
07 Spring/Summer/Fall Wrap Up 2011-08-20 20 Tarby:
Ballad of Autumn Dreams
08 Reaction to the unknown 2011-08-27 30 Tarby: Something Broke
09 Drunk ponies 2011-09-03 33 General Mumble: She's a Pony
10 Battling Vinyl Scratch 2011-09-10 26 Jackle App: I Love Everything
11 Best pony 2011-10-08 28 WoodenToaster: Beyond Her Garden
12 Musicians and poison joke 2011-10-15 32 Jackle App:
Griffin Village -- Summer (Remix)
13 End of Equestria 2011-11-05 56 The Living Tombstone: September
14 The good old days;
May the Best Pet Win!
2011-11-26 40 2-way tie duration: 8 days
15 One trick pony;
The Mysterious Mare Do Well
2011-12-03 59 3-way tie
16 Teamwork;
Sweet and Elite
2011-12-10 41 3-way tie
17 Family;
Secret of My Excess
2011-12-17 39 2-way tie
18 Beginnings and ends 2012-01-07 35 Silva Hound:
Eurobeat Brony -- Luna (Remix)
19 Second chances;
Family Appreciation Day
2012-01-14 36 Aviators: Second Chances
20 Future of Equestria;
Baby Cakes
2012-01-21 36 Aviators & Bronyfied:
One Last Letter
21 Background ponies;
The Last Roundup
2012-01-28 53 Aviators: Tonight
22 Idols; The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 2012-02-04 55 Aviators: Just Like You
23 Meant to be;
Read It and Weep
2012-02-11 61 Aviators: Never Back Down
24 The big reveal;
A Friend in Deed
2012-02-25 32 Aviators: Spirit of Chaos
25 Movie theme 2012-03-03 26 Peak Freak:
What a difference a day made
26 Pirates;
Putting Your Hoof Down
2012-03-10 27 Peak Freak: Iron Will
27 Foreign land;
It's About Time
2012-03-17 35 3-way tie
28 Retrospection;
Dragon Quest
2012-03-24 35 2-way tie
29 Team-up;
Hurricane Fluttershy
2012-03-31 20 zorg: Group Melody
30 Space program;
Ponyville Confidential
2012-04-07 33 2-way tie
31 Cutie mark; MMMystery on the Friendship Express 2012-04-14 20 4-way tie
32 Ponies and drugs 2012-04-21 32 General Mumble:
Not That Kind of Party
33 Cross-season mashup 2012-05-05 18 3-way tie
34 Swag 2012-05-12 26 CaptainFluffatun: Want A Hug?
35 Pony robots 2012-05-19 22 2-way tie
36 Best pony race 2012-05-26 17 Marshmelon: One Sea Pony
37 Summer party 2012-06-02 23 Freewave: Fluttershy's Fun Train
38 Steampunk villain 2012-06-09 16 Seventh Element: Flim and Flam's Monster
39 Cyberspace ponies 2012-06-16 19 LyokoFreaks: Supercalculateur
40 Airship battle 2012-06-23 30 LockeStockeAndBaryl: Danger in the Skies of Equestria
41 Corruption 2012-06-30 13 Neon Jalapeño: Cynicism (Unmixed)
42 Video games 2012-07-07 20 2-way tie
43 Sleepytime 2012-07-14 39 3-way tie
44 Parallel universe 2012-07-21 27 Doofcake: Aeternam Luna
45 Gates of Tartarus 2012-07-28 31 Seventh Element: Tartarus
46 Fashion show 2012-08-04 22 StormWolf: Perfect Picture
47 The world according to Pinkie 2012-08-11 26 Cherax Destructor: Window
48 Slow-motion Rainbow Dash 2012-08-18 25 3-way tie
49 Escape of Fluttershy's animals 2012-08-25 23 3-way tie
50 Ponies in trench warfare 2012-09-15 29 Peak Freak: War
51 Twilight's very elaborate fire extinguishing plan 2012-09-22 21 RararaTheFafafa: Fire Detection
52 APPLEJACK BUCKS SOME SPACE APPLES 2012-09-29 23 Seventh Element: Theme of Applejack
53 Write a song about a minor character's breakdown. 2012-10-06 20 Seventh Element: Octavia's Descent Into Madness
54 Discord has managed to escape the show and enter reality. 2012-10-13 18 2-way tie
55 Twilight walks down a street. 2012-10-20 17 Seventh Element:At Twilight's Break (ft.      BluNoseRaindeer)
56 Write a tune about any aspect of Nightmare Night. 2012-10-27 20 Rhyme Flow: DIANE'S CUPCAKES
57 You suddenly find Ponyville completely abandoned.  2012-11-03 21 Seventh Element: Ponyville (WIP)
58 The start of a new adventure. 2012-11-10 22 Peak Freak: Rejuvenation

Episode Responses

When the second season started airing, sci added a second regular competition; the themes for the Pony Music Compos remained more specific, but not episode-related, whereas the Episode Responses were broad in that they could be a reaction to anything in whatever new episode aired during the competition period. The Episode Responses were folded into the Pony Music Compos after the sixth installment as alternate themes; of the season 2 episodes, only Hearth's Warming Eve was never given as a theme. Contest duration was one week except where noted otherwise. Links may lead to remastered versions that differ from the songs originally submitted to the competition. Competitions for Season 2 are marked with "ERS" while Season 3 is marked with "ER3".

Season 2
Based on episode
1The Return of Harmony Part 12011-09-2314General Mumble:
Wings & Horns Part 1
duration: 12 days
2The Return of Harmony Part 22011-09-3016Interrobang Pie: g
3Lesson Zero2011-10-2228General Mumble: All Fine
4Luna Eclipsed2011-10-2940zorg: This is ponyville feat. everyone
5Sisterhooves Social2011-11-1125The Living Tombstone & Mic The Microphone: Sister Hate
6The Cutie Pox2011-11-1829d.notive: Mistress Zecora
17Hearts and Hooves Day2012-02-1826Peak Freak: Her eyestook the place of PMC 24 when the latter was moved back
26A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 & 22012-04-2826Omnipony: My Little Changeling

Season 3
Based on episode
1The Crystal Empire - Part 122012-11-1736Mush: Dark Hearts Rise
3Too Many Pinkie Pies2012-11-2425AdamTh3Walker: Easy As A Mirror Pool
4One Bad Apple2012-12-131AdamTh3Walker: Got A Bully WIP
5Magic Duel2012-12-8244-way tie
6Sleepless in Ponyville2012-12-1524F3nning: Dreamwalker
7Wonderbolts Academy2012-12-2222SilverPoyozo: Chasing the Wind (WIP)
8Apple Family Reunion2012-12-2925mycutiemarkisagun: nrab siht esiar

Whatever Compos

The "WAT"s are scheduled irregularly, usually by sci, tend to have a shorter contest duration and more "troll entries".

1None2011-07-0310 minutes134-way tie
2Remix of anti-brony opinion2011-07-232 weeks4Soupy Derper: Pony Party
3None2011-08-281 hour4sci: hau 2 proper musician
4Pony personality test2011-09-012 hours13KeepOnRockin': Chickenstyle
5Tonight in Ponyville2011-09-171 hour18Omnipony: Night Ambiance and Stars
6Response to a specific song2011-10-012 days21FoozogzPepperBrony: You Just All My Blood (Apocalypse Mix ft. Lauren)
7Unintended consequences2011-10-142 hours16Circuitfry: The Typical Brony Musician
8Educational music2011-12-212 days18Pinkie Guy: A Brief Introduction To Metalcore
9Remix of a specific song2011-12-282 hours26Omnipony: I'm Blue
10Randomly assigned genre2012-01-154 days33Storm Wolf: Japanese Classic Eurobeat Rock
11Hungarian toddler television music remix2012-04-3012 hours194-way tie
12Fanfare2012-05-2330 minutes17General Mumble: Fan-fanny-fanfare
13Unique sound2012-06-294 weeks10TheManeElectric: Filter/Delay Madness
14Specific software implementation2012-06-244 days112-way tie
/Birthday song2012-07-0511 days19mycutiemarkisagun: The Great Toastbeard Hip-Hop Mash-Up
10XRandomly assigned genre2012-08-032 weeks21General Mumble: Nali
/Sample pack2012-07-271 hour11Doofcake:

Notable Songs

Many notable songs have come out of Toast Beard. Even some songs that did not win came to become more famous than the winners later on. An example of such a song is Rainbow Factory.

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