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Pony Fiction Archive
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Founder RBDash47
Date founded May 2011
Type of site Fan fiction repository

The Pony Fiction Archive is a fanfic repository run by RBDash47, a brony and fanfic enthusiast. As of February 2012, it hosts over 800 stories. The Archive is also host to a forum where a small community of authors and readers have formed to discuss their works-in-progress, the works of others, and the fandom itself.


In its original incarnation (as the "MLP:FiM Fan Fiction Archive"), the Archive was meant as a read-only repository of Friendship is Magic fan fiction, collected from around the Internet and stored in a central location with standardized formatting. Such a project was quickly determined to be unworkable, due to the high rate of fan fiction production in this fandom, and the Archive was redesigned in June/July 2011 using the open-source eFiction framework, which allowed authors to add their stories directly. It added 750 stories between the end of July 2011 and the end of March 2012, for a then-total of a little over 1,000 stories overall in both sections of the site.


One of the site's central tenets is inspired by the fandom itself: "Everypony equal, everypony loved". As such, any and all Friendship is Magic fan fiction is hosted, regardless of content or rating. All stories are available to all visitors of the site, but only registered users can submit a story, comment on and/or grade one.

Stories are organized (and can be searched for) according to categories including genre, show connection (season 1, season 2, alternate universe), age rating, and which characters feature in a submission. There are essentially two modes for the browse and search functions: the "explicit" mode finds and lists only stories with detailed descriptions of sex or violence, and the "normal" mode finds and lists all other stories.

Pony Fiction Vault[]

A sister site also run by RBDash47, the Pony Fiction Vault, hosts a selection of stories that were particularly well-received. Individual entries usually contain links to the original website(s) a story was stored on, links to download the story in a variety of formats, and interviews with the original authors. Originally, two new stories were added to the Vault every week. As of February 2012, updates were scaled back to once per week due to time concerns and lack of response from authors. All selections are made by RBDash47, though he accepts suggestions and takes into account community response to stories.

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