Pony Creator
Pony Creator v3 by generalzoi
Creator(s) General Zoi
Date published May 24, 2011 (Beta)
August 21, 2011 (Full version)
September 2, 2013 (v3)
Platform/engine Adobe Flash
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Pony Creator is a flash game by General Zoi that is used to create vectors of characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as well as original characters. There are currently three different versions uploaded on deviantART. A mobile version has also been completed but does not work on iOS.


Pony Creator is used to form ponies using different body shapes, poses, accessories, manes and tails. It uses artwork from the show as well as art provided by fans.


The first version to be uploaded on DeviantArt was a beta version in May 2011.

The second version, called the "full version", introduced many changes. The full version allowed images to be downloaded and included backgrounds. More accessories and styles were added as well as the ability to use multiple colors for the mane, tail and body. This version also introduced pose changes. This version also made possible the addition of cutie marks and saving work through codes.

Initially, General Zoi planned to release a mobile version for the Android and iOS before making a third version for the PC. However, issues with the iOS system meant that the mobile version is only accessible on the Android. These issues led to a delay in the production of the third version.

The most recent version on deviantART is therefore an unfinished third version that is not planned to be completed. This version allows players to zoom in and out as well as allow for more maneuvrable and show-accurate poses along with new accessories. Cutie marks and mane-styles from the show, however, have been removed for copyright reasons.


Pony Creator has gotten a mixed reception within the brony community. Many praise it as a good tool for designing ponies while others criticize its use as a quick and simple method to create original characters without work.

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  • Ponylumen - an online tool for creating 3D ponies with different shading and lighting.

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