Ponies Forever! Or, AJ Sees The Worlds
AJ Sees the Worlds Cover

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Writer(s) Lock Target
Date published 20th Jun 2013
Words 4,311 (At last count)
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Comedy



Alternate Universe


Featuring G4 Applejack

Twilight Sparkle

G4 Pinkie Pie

G4: Rainbow Dash

G1 Applejack


G3 Minty

G3.5 Pinkie Pie

EG Applejack

R-Dash 5000

Part of My Little Homie Series
Based on Turtles Forever, Quantum Leap

Ponies Forever! Or, AJ Sees The Worlds is a novella by Lock Target. This story was created as a 30th anniversary celebration of the MLP Franchise. The story takes place before the events of My Little Homie.


Within the Six Central Universes, a dastardly entity named Albad plans to take over with the help of the mightiest evil-doers the multiverse has to offer. His and the creator of the multiverse, Zacherle, sends for six champions from the Central universes.

Lead by Applejack, these six champions, her two inerdimensional counterparts, Patch, Minty and an a variation of Pinkie Pie face Albad and a group of baddies at his disposal. Along the way, the gilrs are asked by Zacherle to develop a bond with one-another in order to prevail against Albad.


Along with the main cast (Shown in the image), there is a cast of characters that are sufficiant to the story. These characters include:

Zacherle: Zacherle is the deity who created the multiverse that AJ and others live in. She sends for Applejack and the other champions to battle Albad and prevent him from destroying Pony Prime. She appears in the form of Fluttershy as a means to comfort AJ.

Albad: An physical manifestation created accidentally in Zacherle's attempt to remove all evil from the multiverse. He commands an army of dark forces ready to strike on his word.

R-Dash 5000: The R-Dash 5000 was created in her world by Twilight to replace THEIR Rainbow Dash as the Element of Loyalty, but she went rogue. She was hoof-selected by Albad to eliminate the champions. She chants "CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY! SWAG!" which signifies her arrival.

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